Free Hostels for College Students in Chennai

In Chennai around 12 Hostels are operated to provide shutters for the colleges students under caste of S.C , S.T and O.B.C.

The Colleges Students studying for Undergraduate , Postgraduate , Polytechnic and ITI Courses are eligible for applying to the Free Hostels including the Food.

Requirement to Join the Free Hostel :
* Parents annual income must not exceed  Rs.1,00,000
* College must be more than 8km far from your House
* Student must be S.C , S.T or O.B.C caste.

Eligible candidates can get the application from Hostel warden or from District Chairman office. Application form will be issued at the free of cost.

Filled application form must be submitted on or before 31st July 2013.

For More details :
Phone : 044-25241002

CS2411 Operating Systems Important Questions (2013 Edition)

Anna University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

CS2411 Operating Systems 

(Regulation 2008) 
Important 16 Marks Questions  

Unit 1
1. Explain the various types of computer systems.
2. Explain how protection is provided for the hardware resources by the operating system.
3. What are the system components of an operating system and explain them?
4. What are the various process scheduling concepts
5. Explain about interprocess communication.
6. Give an overview about threads.
7. Explain in detail about the threading issues.

Unit 2
 1. Write about the various CPU scheduling algorithms.
2.What is critical section problem and explain two process solutions and multiple process solutions? 3.Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary semaphores.
4.Write about critical regions and monitors.
5.Give a detailed description about deadlocks and its characterization
6.Explain about the methods used to prevent deadlocks
7.Explain the Banker’s algorithm for deadlock avoidance.

Unit 3

1.Explain about contiguous memory allocation.
2.Give the basic concepts about paging.
3.Write about the techniques for structuring the page table.
4.Explain the basic concepts of segmentation.
5.Explain the various page replacement strategies.

Unit 4
 1.What are files and explain the access methods for files?
2.Explain the schemes for defining the logical structure of a directory.
3.Write notes about the protection strategies provided for files.

Unit 5
1.Write about the kernel I/O subsystem.
2.Explain the various disk scheduling techniques
3.Write notes about disk management and swap-space management. 

Anna University - Academic Performance of Colleges (2011-2012)

Anna University

Academic Performance of Colleges (2011-2012)


National Eligibility Test on June 26th 2013

National Eligibility Test (NET)

National Eligibility Test (NET) was conducted by CSIR and UGC joint. The Exam was scheduled on 26th June 2013.

The Exam is conducted to select PhD researcher and Lecturer. Exam will be held on 26 Exam Centers around the country and More than 2 million are expected to attend the exam.

Candidates applied for the Exam can download there Hall Ticket from :

All the Best..!

UPSC Marksheets for Civil Services Exam 2012


UPSC Marksheets for Civil Service Exams such as I.A.S , I.P.S and I.F.S has been updated first time in the Internet. Both the candidates of Qualified and not-Qualified can view their Marksheets.

The candidates who have passed in three stages of PRELIMINARY Exam , Main and Interview can view their Full Mark sheets in UPSC website.

Total Candidates passed in this Exam : 1,004
Top Student : HARITHA V KUMAR (Mark : 1193)

To view your Marksheet : Click Here

TNEA 2013 - B.E Random Number announced

Anna University , Chennai had announced the Random Number for the candidates applied for B.E admission.

This year total of about 1.89 lakh students had applied for Engineering admission. The candidates are arranged based on the Cut-off marks. If the two candidates have the same cut-off mark , in tat case the random number will be used to arrange them.

The Rank List will be announced on 12th June. Counselling for candidates under sports Quota will be held on 17th June, and the counselling for Physically disabled candidates will be held on 20th June and for Others it will be on 21st June 2013.

Annamalai University : 2013 Entrance Examination Center Details Announced

Annamalai University,Chidambaram had announced the Entrance Exam center and Hall Ticket details for the admission of Engineering , Medical and Agricultural.

Entrance Examination for M.B.B.S , BDS , Bsc Nursing , B.E , B.Sc Agricultural , will be held on the date of June 7, 8 and 9.

The Examination will take place in 7 districts : Annamalainagar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Tirunelveli, Trichy. Hall ticket will be send to the candidates via Speed post.

For more details contact : 04144- 238348, 238349

Computer Organization and Architecture Important Questions

Anna University

Depatment of Computer Science Engineering

Computer Organization and Architecture (CS2253) Important Questions
Unit 1:

1.   Addressing Mode
2.   Instruction and instruction sequencing
3.   Performance and metrics
4.   Functional units
5.   All algorithm with example
Restoring and non-restoring

Unit 2:

1.   Hardwired control
2.   Micro programmed control
3.   Multiple bus organization
4.   Execution of complete instruction

Unit 3:

1.   data hazard & instruction hazard
2.   superscalar operation

Unit 4:
1.   cache memory
2.   virtual memory
3.   secondary memory

Unit 5:
1.   standard I/O interface (PCI,SCSI,USB)
2.   interface circuits
3.   Direct Memory access (DMA)

All the Best..!!

A Solved problem to draw the per unit Reactance Diagram

Draw the per unit reactance diagram for the power systems shown below. Neglect resistance and use a base of 100MVA, 220KV in 50 ohms line. The ratings of the generator, motor and transformers are


G: 40 MVA, 25 KV, X’’ = 20%; M: 50 MVA, 11 KV, X’’ = 30%

T1:40 MVA, 33 Y / 220 Y KV, X = 15%; T2: 30 MVA, 11 Δ /220Y KV, X = 15%

Load: 11 KV, 50MW + j68 MVAR


Base MVAb new = 100 MVA; Base KVb new = 220 KV

Transmission line j50 Ω:

Zactual = j50 Ω



Transformer T1:

KVb old = 220 KV



Generator G1:


Transformer T2:

KVb old = 220 KV (HT side voltage)



Synchronous motor:


Reactance diagram:


University of Madras - Distance Education Exam starts on 8th

University of Madras Distance Education Examination starts on 8th June 2013.

Exam will be held for candidates of M.A , M.Com , M.Sc , MBA , and MSC(IT) Department.

The Details of Exam Center and Exam Timetable will be send to each candidate individually to their house address via Letter Post.

The Hall Ticket for Examination can be downloaded from the University website :