Celebrate Diwali such as these students celebrated

These have been expected, please salute them.

My students are often surprising me. He then shocked me this day of Diwali. Well, this time Diwali was passing between the depression and anxiety. But something in her joy and enthusiasm of my students gave added reason. Say that he has made my Diwali.

Then some began to whisper in the ear ideal hesitatingly Sir, why do not we Diwali Trunkant suggest that poor children also share some of my happiness? Solicit some money together and bought her some sweets and chocolates etc. distribute among children living on the pavement.

The proposal was discussed in the class and then everyone immediately agreed. It was decided that every student / student and faculty members who give of their own who did not raise her little happiness - sweets / chocolates / crackers brought them to the children who are marginalized at all.

There was also the matter of giving and sharing happiness - Being the student of journalism with their worries, problems and issues to help lift. IIM-C Lab Journal of slums around to remove something, be written in the newspapers, community radio should be discussed at the blog / Facebook etc to carry on.

It was last week and then on Friday, the Institute became the Diwali holidays. But then three days did not know what happened next?

This afternoon saw some pictures on Facebook and it's nice to see that Hindi journalism student / students - ideally, Aarti, Kamini, hope, and joy Sumit fulfilled his promise. Today, they were among the children of the pavement. Diwali celebrated with them. But the most striking thing was that they did take warm clothes with you. He also distributed warm clothes for winter in these children. The idea came to them later. But he liked these poor children come to the attention of the real problem.

Well done my friend. Concerns journalism begins from here. I know that this is just the beginning. But the flickering has raised expectations in the beginning.

Come salute these students and wish that they may live in. It concerns, give it a fresh edge to advance and journalism.