Classification of Electric Drive with Advantage and Disadvantage

Classification of Electric Drive

Generally classified into 3 categories:

I. Group drive

II. Individual Drive

III. Multimotor Drive


Group Drive :

If several group of mechanisms or machines are organized on one shaft and driven or actuated by one motor, the system is called a group drive or shaft drive.


Advantage :

Most Economical



1. Any Fault that occurs in the driving motor renders all the driving equipment idle.

2. Efficiency low because of losses occurring in the energy transmitting mechanisms (Power loss)

3. Not safe to operate.

4. Noise level at the working spot is high.

5. Flexibility.

Single motor drives a no of machines through belt form common shaft.


Individual Drive:

1. If a single motor is used to drive or actuate a given mechanism and it does all the jobs connected with this load , the drive is called individual drive.

2. All the operations connected with operating a lathe may be performed by a single motor.

3. Each motor is driven by its own separated motor with the help of gears , pulleys etc.



Power loss occurs.


Multi Motor Drive:

· Each operation of the mechanism is taken care of by a separate drive motor.

· The System contains several individual drives each of which is used to operate its own mechanism.

· Separate motors are provided for actuating different parts of the driven mechanism.


Advantage :

1. Each Machine is driven by a separated motor it can be run and stopped as desired.

2. Machines not required can be shut down and also replaced with a minimum of dislocation.

3. There is a flexibility in the installation of different machine’s.

4. In the case of motor fault, only its connected machine will stop where as others will continue working undisturbed.

5. Absence of belts and line shafts greatly reduces the risk of a accidents to the operating personnel.



Initial high cost.


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