EC2202 Data structures and Oops in c++ Important Questions–2013 Edition

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Department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering

EC2202 Data structures and oops in c++

Important Question and Question Bank (2013 Edition)

Unit 1.

1)What is operator overloading.

2)Explain reserved word using inline with an example.

3)What are constructors.

4)What are destructor.

5)Write a program using constructors ad destructor.

Unit 2.

1)Explain inheritance with an example.

2)Write about friend class.

3)Explain virtual function with an.example.

4)Write about dynamic memory allocation.

5)Explain static data members in c++.

6)Explain control statement with example.

7)Explain class and objects.

Unit 3.

1)What is heapsort explain with example.

2)Explain Priority queue.

3)Explain hashing with a example.

4)Write PUSH and POP operations.

Unit 4.

1)Explain top down and bottom up process.

2)What is algorithm and Write its properties

3)How to find efficiency of an algorithm.

4)Explain AVL tree.

5)Write about minimum spanning tree.

Unit 5 .

1)Explain divide and conquer technique.

2)Explain merge sort.

3)Explain Quick sort

4)Write about dynamic programming.

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