EC2254 Linear Integrated Circuits Most Important Questions – 2014 Edition


Anna University

Department of ECE

4 Semester

EC2254 Linear Integrated Circuits

(Regulation 2008)



1. Draw and explain about the equivalent circuit of OP-AMP.

2. Explain about DC characteristics of OP-AMP.

3. Explain in detail about slew rate of an OP-AMP

4. Explain in detail about Widlar current source.

5. Explain briefly about manufacturing process of monolithic ICs.

6. Explain briefly about construction of monolithic bipolar transistor.

7. What is current mirror? Explain

8. Discuss in detail about AC performance characteristics of an op-amp.

9. Explain in briefly about open loop and closed loop configurations.

10. Explain in detail about BJT differential amplifier with active loads.

11. Explain in detail about voltage sources and voltage references.


1. How op-amp can be used as an antilog amplifier?

2. Explain briefly about op-amp integrator.

3. Draw and explain about voltage to current converter.

4. With neat circuit diagram explain about instrumentation amplifier.

5. Explain briefly abut Schmitt trigger with neat diagram.

6. Explain the following in briefly (i). Precision diode (ii). Peak detector

7. Describe briefly about clippers and clampers.


1.Describe the application of PLL.

2.Explain about the gilbert multiplier cell.

3.Derive the expression for voltage to frequency conversion factor.

4.With neat diagram explain the operating principles of PLL.

5.Explain briefly about application of analog multiplier ICs.

6.Explain briefly about Monolithic PLL IC 565.

7.Explain about the variable transconductance technique.

8.Explain about the analog multiplier using emitter coupled transistor technique.


1. Explain the operation of successive approximation type A/D converter,

2. What output voltage would be produced by a D/A converter whose output range is 0 to

10v and whose input binary number is (i).10(for a 2-bit D/A converter) (ii). 0110(for a 4- bit DAC)?

3. Briefly explain about dual slope A/D converter.(

4. What is delta sigma modulation? Explain the A/D conversion using delta modulator.

5. Explain briefly about the specifications of D/A And A/D converters. 6. Explain briefly about the weighted resister Type D/A converter.

7. Describe briefly about R-2R ladder and its types.

8. Discuss about switches for D/A converters briefly.

9. Explain briefly about flash type A/D converter.


1. Explain the operation of op amp as multivibrator.

2. Write short notes on operation of function generator.

3. Write short notes on

(i). Tuned amplifiers

(ii). Power amplifiers

4. Explain in detail about the function of 555 timer in monostable and derive the

expression for frequency of oscillation.

5. Explain the operation of switching regulator.

6. Explain the functional diagram of LM 380 power amplifier.

7. Explain the following in briefly

(i) Triangular wave generator

(ii) Sawtooth generator

8. Explain in detail about the functional diagram of ICL8038.

9. Explain in detail about the function of IC 723 general purpose regulators.

10. Explain the following in detail

(i) isolation amplifier

(ii) opto coupler

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