Advances of Cryptography Using Quantum Computing - 5 Days Online FDP - College of Engineering, Anna University

Advances of Cryptography Using Quantum Computing - 5 Days Online FDP - College of Engineering, Anna University , Chennai - 25 .

The Department of Information Science and Technology, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai–600 025.has organized the Five days Faculty Development Programme " Advances of Cryptography Using Quantum Computing " on 21/11/2021 to 26/11/2021 ..

Topics : 

  1. Introduction to Cryptography 
  2. Basics of Quantum Computing 
  3. Introduction to Quantum Computing 
  4. Shor’s Algorithm 
  5. Quantum Gates 
  6. Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation 
  7. Simon and Grover’s Algorithm 
  8. Quantum Key Distribution 
  9. Lattice Based Cryptography 
  10. Lattice based Public Key encryption and Signature Scheme 
  11. Quantum Risks to Cyber Security 
  12. Post Quantum Security

Eligibility :

The faculty members of the AICTE approved institutions, research scholars, PG Scholars, participants from Government, CBSE Teachers, Industry (Bureaucrats/Technicians/Participants from Industry etc.) and staff of host institutions are eligible to attend this programme
Registration Details :

To register fill up the registration form and then upload the copy of the form in the registration link and also send to the email id given below . 

Registration link : ------------

Email id : 

Note : 

Last date for submission registration (online) : 15/11/2021 

Participants will be selected on first come first serve basis.
Intimation of selection through email only : 17/11/2021 
Confirmation by Participants to be made by email : 18/11/2021 

Click here for more details 


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