Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities in 3D Printing Industries - One day Workshop - CED & AU-FRG Anna University

 Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities in 3D Printing Industries - One day Workshop - CED & AU-FRG Anna University 

The department of  Mechanical Engineering Production , Anna University, Chennai – 600 025  has announced the One Day Workshop " Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities in 3D Printing Industries " on 9th September 2022 . 


1.Essentials of Entrepreneurship 
2. 3D Printing Technology and it's Applications 
3. Business opportunities in 3D Printing Industries  
  •  Niche Product Manufacturing 
  •  3D Modelling & Design Services 
  •  Service Provider - Education /Material Manufacturing/Distribution 
4. Sources of Funding for Startups 

Registration details :  

 Click here for registration 

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Last date for registration : 09/09/2022 


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