5 Major points to be kept in mind for IIT exam - Tips

The IIT – JEE entrance examination is known to be the toughest examination in India. Each year around 4 lacs students sit for the exam and only 10,000 students are able to get the IITian tag with them for the whole life. What makes the exam so different and difficult is the nature of the exam. Rather than focusing on ability to learn it focus on ability to analyze. Below are some of the POINTS FOR IIT-JEE aspirant.

5 Major points to be kept in mind for IIT exam -

1. Practice , Practice and Practice and then Practice some more -

The exam needs conceptual knowledge and your analytical approach towards subjects. Simply by memorizing formulas and mugging up theorems will not help at all. You must practice regularly to get hold of concepts as well as you must develop a habit of approaching a problem in right manner. These things will come with practice only. After covering your syllabus buy some mock tests from market and give numerous mock tests at home.

2. Lesser Books more knowledge -

Lesser number of books always helps rather than studying from too many books. Learning from few books make sure that you will be able to cover your syllabus fully in time.

Most and important and famous books for IIT-JEE are given below: -

Physics – HC Verma


Physical Chemistry – R C Mukherjee

Organic chemistry – Arihant Publication

Inorganic Chemistry - NCERT inorganic chemistry

3. 100% Syllabus coverage not needed -

There is always a possibility that you fail to cover the whole syllabus in time. You need not worry and you can rely on the fact that even if you have completed only 80% of the course well , you can manage top rank in exam. Because its a competitive exam and the standards of questions being asked are tough than the board exam , even attempting 60% correctly can send you to top ranks in IIT-JEE.

4. Level of question being asked doesn’t matter at all

Remember this is a competitive exam and not a board exam where you have to score above a certain benchmark. In exam hall if the question appear to you as very tough , don’t panic . If it is tough for you , its tough for every tom , duck and harry out there.

If the questions appear easy to you , then no need to feel happy and relaxed either as its easy for every one. The point is, try to give your best effort and forget about the toughness of the paper.

5. Are Coaching institutes a must ?

Coaching institutes only lessen your work and will not actually do your work. You have to study by yourself only. There are numerous examples of students who managed to crack top ranks via self study. But the last word of advice is that it always helps and if you have an option for enrolling , go for one also.

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