Anna university-Applied Geology-Question Bank


                        UNIT I

  1. What is meant by weathering? Describe its effects on rocks and their constituents.
  2. Write an essay on ‘River as a Geological Agent’
  3. Describe the various methods adopted in costal protection.
  4. Discuss the various theories that explain the origin of the earth.
  5. Write a essay on the interior of the earth.
  6. Give an account on views of the age of the earth.
  7. Write notes on  : a) Exfoliation 2) River Piracy 3) Differential Erosion 4) Run off 5)  Barchans 6) Atoll 8) Spit and bar 9) Seismogram and seismograph 10) River terraces.
  8. Give a detailed account of the following : a) Formation of soils. b) Reclamation of desert lands c) Coral Islands
  9. Distinguish between the following group of features:
(a)    a young and mature valley
(b)   a glaciated and river valley
(c)    a submerged and emerged coast line


1)      Describe the tests you would perform in trying to identify a mineral in the field.
2)      What are the rock forming minerals? Give a general account of their Chemical and Physical properties.
3)      Define the term ‘crystal’.
4)      What are symmetry elements in crystals?
5)      Describe the following groups of minerals a) Quartz group b) Felspar group c) Mica group
6)      Compare and contrast the minerals of Pyroxene group to that of Amphibole group.
7)      Write short notes on :
a)      kinds of luster b) Twincrystals c) Moh’s scale of hardness d) Flourescence e) Cleavage and parting f) Walker’s steelyard balance.
8)      Mention the most distinguishing physical properties of the following minerals.
Amethyst, Olivine, Talc, Labradorite, Galena
9)      Explain how will you distinguish the following pairs of minerals.

a.       Pyrite and chalcopyrite
b.      Beryl and Apatite
c.       Hornblende and Augite
d.      Calcite and Gypsum
e.       Muscovite and talc

10)  Give the principle ores, their physical properties, Chemical composition and distinguishing characters of the following metals.
  1. Iron b. Copper c. Manganese d. Zinc e. Aluminum f. Lead


1)      Explain the  three principal kinds of rocks?
Explain the basis of their classification.
Describe their chief characteristics with example.

2)      Give the difference between Plutonic and Volcanic rocks.
3)      Classify the secondary rocks and describe an example from each.
4)      Write an essay on metamorphism.
5)      What are the important intrusive igneous forms ? Explain with neat sketches.
6)      Give a detailed account of the surfacial features of the sedimentary rocks.
7)      What are the different kind of folds?
8)      Explain the following structural features with sketch.

a. Anticlinorium b. Unconformity c. Horst d. Overlap e. Pitching fold.

9)      How will you distinguish the following groups of features.

a)      Dip and Strike
b)      Anticlinal fold and Synclinal fold
c)      Outlier and Inlier
d)     Dip fault and Strike fault
e)      Fault and joint


  1. Describe and classify building stones.
  2. Explain how durability of stones is ascertained.
  3. What are the essential qualities of a good building stone.
  4. What physical test is conducted to determine whether a rock is good for building purpose.
  5. Give an account of the physical properties that go to make a good building stone.
  6. Name and fully describe the physical properties of important rock types that are used as building stone.
  7. Define : a) Water table b) Aquifer c) Permeability of a rock
  8. What are the important factors which you will consider in selecting a site for a well?
  9. What is meant by “ground water” ? How is it surveyed and explored ?
  10. Describe the condition when the under ground water is lifted to the surface by its own pressure.
  11. Give an account of the origin, occurrence and circulation of ground water.
  12. How does a tube well differ from an artesian well ?
  13. What are the geological factors which you will consider in selecting a site for a tube well and an artesian well.
  14. Briefly explain how you will survey the under ground water resources of any city with water supply from other sources.
  15. What are the geological factors which influence the choice of site for a reservoir ?
  16. Discuss the suitability of various geological structures and rock types of reservoirs.
  17. What are artificial lakes?
  18. Give an account of the Geological factors that influence the location of artificial lakes.
  19. What is “ River valley project” ?
  20. Explain geological and related criteria in the construction of earth dam.
  21. What are the geological requirements which will have to be investigated for selecting a site for a tunnel.
  22. What type of lining would you suggest for tunnel driven in a) Unconsolidated b) Consolidated rocks.
  23. Explain briefly the distinction between Landslide and creep.
  24. Write shot geological note on a) Landslide b) Artesian well
  25. Write the geological factors which affect the stability of hill sides.
  26. What precaution will you take against the natural changes to which roads on hill station are subjected as a consequence of the action of geological agencies.
  27. Write short essay on the utilization aspect of geology in engineering.

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