Diwali and Fireworks Safety and Precaution (Slide Show)

Fire safety measures during Diwali
Diwali and fire injuries
Now that Diwali is just around the corner, many households have started preparations for, what is perhaps the biggest festival in the country. Each year, the sheer number of accidents and injuries reported during this time act as a dampener to the season's festive spirit. With a little caution and awareness, most of these injuries can be avoided. Here are some of the common preventive measures that can help ensure a safer Diwali.
Precautions before the fireworks start
- Supervision of children is a must. Try not to let little children handle fireworks or indulge in pranks like throwing fireworks around.
- Wearing loose fitted clothes is a recipe for disaster. Dupattas and scarves should be avoided while handling fireworks. Avoid nylon garments and stick to cottons which have a lesser tendency to catch fire.
- Closed shoes are preferable as they protect your feet from a stray spark or from stepping on a recently lit cracker.
- Keep a bucket of water and sand around to douse any unlit crackers.
- Ensure that the crackers are lit in an open ground away from any wiring or obstructions.
- Buy only reputed brands of fireworks and maintain a safe distance while lighting them. Always read the safety instructions on the pack before attempting to light the cracker.
- Always place the cracker on the ground before attempting to light it. Never lean over a cracker to light it.
- Keep a first aid kit handy.
- Many crackers contain toxins and it's better to rinse off your hands, feet and face before you retire for the night.
Fire safety measures during Diwali
In case of an accident
Unfortunately, despite following all precautions, accidents can still happen, and it's better to be prepared.
- Minor burns can be treated by running cold water over the affected area.
- Treat the burn with skin care products like aloe vera or an antibiotic ointment.
- You may also wrap a loose dry bandage around the wound.
- In case someone's clothing catches fire, it's better to follow the age old, Stop-Drop-Roll to put out the flames.
- In case of serious burns, after removing the smouldering bits of cloth, wrap the person in a clean sheet before rushing to the hospital to avoid infection.
- In case of eye burns, wash the area with water for 10 minutes. If the burning feeling still persists, head to a hospital.
A little precaution will go a long way in ensuring your family's safety this Diwali.
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Have a Happy and Safe Diwali !!

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