Electronic Device and Circuits - Unit 4 - Important 2Mark Questions

  1. Define Barkhausen Criteria
  2. What is Differential Amplifier?
  3. Define CMRR.
  4. What are the features of Differential Amplifier?
  5. What are advantage of Differential Amplifier ?
  6. What is FeedBack amplifier ?
  7. What are the Different FeedBack Toplogies ?
  8. Give the advantages of Negative feedback amplifier.
  9. What is an Oscillator ?
  10. Distinguish between LC and RC Oscillator.
  11. Give the application of oscillator.
  12. What are the advantage and disadvantage of Crystal Oscillator.
  13. Give the advantage and Disadvantage of RC Phase Shift Oscillator.
  14. Give the advantage and Disadvantage of Colpitt's Oscillator.
  15. Distinguish Crystal OSC and LC Oscillator.
  16. Give the classification of Oscillation.
  17. Define FeedBack Factor.
  18. Draw Colpitt's Oscillator.
  19. Compare Voltage Series,Voltage Shunt,Current Series and Current Shunt Feedback.
  20. Define Input and Output Resistance of Diff Amplifier.
  21. Define Input Bias Current and offset current of Diff Amp.
  22. Draw the circuit for RC phase shift Oscillator.
  23. State the frequency for RC phase shift oscillator.

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