Electronic Device and Circuits - Unit 5 - Important 2Mark Questions

  1. Define Clipper. What are its type.
  2. What is clamper (with fig) and its applications.
  3. What is astable Multivibrator (with fig)
  4. What are the applications of multivibrator.
  5. What are the applications of Schmitt trigger.
  6. What is Bistable multivirator (with fig) ?
  7. What do you mean by "Wave shapping"?
  8. Differentiate +ve and -ve Clippers.
  9. Define Intransic stand off Ratio.
  10. Define Hysterests Voltage in Schmitt Trigger.
  11. Give application of UJT.
  12. Draw the circuit diagram for ULT Relaxation oscillator and its waveform.
  13. Compare Mutivibrator and Oscillator.
  14. Compare Astable,Monostable & Bistable Mutivibrator.
  15. Compare Astable Multivibrator and Schmitt trigger.
  16. Define UTP and LTP.
  17. Define Multivibrator.
  18. Determine the Equation for frequency for bistable multivibrator.
  19. What is bistable multibrator (with fig).
  20. Define Clapper.
  21. Give application of clippers and clampers.
  22. Define Symmetrical Clipper.
  23. Define Biased Clipper.

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