Prathyarth 2k11 – Bioinformatics Symposium –Oct 8–9-2011 – Sastra University

PRATHYARTH ’ 2k11 , The most invited National Level Technical Symposium organized byCOMBIGS backed with tremendous potential, focuses on utilizing the knowledge base available for budding bioinformatician. Prathyarth ’ 2 k 11
aims at exposing various aspects of computational biology that serve a
pivotal role towards the advancement of Biological Sciences to ignite
the minds of tomorrow’s India. We enthusiastically organize a calendar
full of events which include newsletter releases, lecture series by
eminent scientists, innovative and interactive sessions and activities
and a series of paper and poster presentations, spotlight workshops and
other fun filled events. In COMBIGS, we have the tradition of conducting
a national level tech symposium and make young scientists’ dreams come
true and that’s how PRATYARTH ’08 ,’09,10 happened!!
This year, We a group of challenging youth promise to set a milestone in the history of SASTRA withPRATYARTH ’2 k11.
“PROGENITOR” (Calling all Bio-Architects..!!!) :
Human Genome encompasses a diverse array of bamboozling biomolecules.
This event brings out the wizard in you to conjure such biologically
significant macromolecules. So come and stupefy us with your astounding
modelling skills.
The event consists of 3 rounds. Teams qualified for the third round will
be certified. The event tests your conceptual approach towards the
scientific problem posed at every round and is basically aimed at
testing your bioinformatics skills at various levels.
PyMol, SPDBViewer, Chem Sketch, Modeller, ArgusLab
COD[e]ON (“Computer Language Coding”) :
The ultimate hunt for the nation’s most skillful and prudent
programmers, to channel their skills toward the world of genes. Here,
you will unravel the mystery hidden in biological sequences with the
help of your computational skills.
“ROUND 1 ” questions will be released on Monday, 11th Oct’2010.
TRANS-SCRIPT-ACE( “Paper Presentation”) :
“If facts don’t fit then change them”. Do you think you have
groundbreaking ideas that can thrust you into the limelight?? Then its
time for you to show up for this event and ingratiate yourself by
presenting ingenious ideas in front of a qualified panel.
SOPHOPICT ( “Poster Presentation”):
is all about how well you can juxtapose your creative and conceptual
ideas. Here is your chance to expatiate your novel breathtaking ideas
and invigorate your imagination.

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