CTSEM 2017 - National Conference - CEG,Anna University

CTSEM 2017 - National Conference - CEG,Anna University 

The Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy,Anna University,Chennai-25 has organised the National Conference"Transportation Systems Engineering and Management (CTSEM 2017" on 12th & 13th May 2017.

Topics :

Transportation and Land Use
Travel Demand Forecasting and Management
Travel Behavior Modelling
Public Transport Planning and Management
Freight Transport
Highway Design and Maintenance
Traffic Modelling and Management
Signal Coordination/Area Traffic Control
Capacity and Level of Service
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Traffic Crashes and Safety
Pedestrian Facilities and Safety
Non-motorised Transportation
Pavement Materials and Characterization
Pavement Design, Construction
Pavement Evaluation and Management
Transportation Infrastructure Financing
Transportation Economics and Policy
Road Pricing and Parking Charges
Sustainable Transportation
Environmental and Ecological Aspects
Big Data Application in Transportation
Automatic Data Collection Systems
GIS Applications in Transportation
Optimization of Transport operations
Smart Transport for Smart cities

Submit your abstract to the email : auctsem@gmail.com

Registration Fee Details :

For industrial delegates  : Rs. 3000/-
For delegates from Research organisations and academic institutions : Rs. 2000/-
For Students & Research Scholars : Rs. 500/-
Registration fee covers conference kit, snacks and lunch during the conference.

Dates to remember :

Last date for abstract submission : 12/04/2017
Intimation of selection : 17/04/2017
Last date for full paper submission : 25/04/2017
Intimation of selection : 30/04/2017 
Conference : 12/05/2017 & 13/05/2017

Conference Venue:

College of Engineering Guindy,
Anna University,
Chennai– 600025

Communication Details : 

The Organizing Secretary, CTSEM 2017
Division of Transportation Engineering,
Department of Civil Engineering,
College of Engineering Guindy,
Anna University,
Chennai– 600025
Email: auctsem@gmail.com 

For more information click here 

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