JRF/SRF - Requirement - Centre for Food Technology, Anna University

The Department of Biotechnology ,Centre for Food Technology, Anna University, Chennai-25 invites the application for the post of Junior Research Fellow(JRF)/Senior Research Fellow (SRF) for the project Metabolic engineering of Bacillus megaterium for enhanced production of D (-) pantothenic acid and its application for the development of functional food .

Name of post :  Junior Research Fellow(JRF) / Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
Essential Qualification :
First class M.Tech degree in Food Technology / Food process Engineering /Food and Nutritional Biotechnology / Agricultural Process and Food Engineering .
Salary :
Rs .25000 Per month + 30% HRA for First and Second year
              Rs.28000 Per month + 30% HRA for Third year

Eligible and interested candidates of job seekers are requested to send their detailed Bio-data along with xerox copies of degree certificates  and experience certificates to the address given below to reach by on or before 18/04/2017.

Centre for Food Technology,
A.C.Tech., Anna University, Chennai-600 025.
Email: projectscbt@gmail.com
Phone : 91-44-22358385

Note : 

Last date for submitting application form : 18/04/2017 
The  interview date will be informed by Email only . 
Candidates should bring all original certificates at the time of interview. 
No TA/DA will be paid.

Click here for more details 


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