Engineering Chemistry – II Model Question Paper

Engineering Chemistry – II Model Question Paper – II

  1. State phase rule and Reduced phase rule.
  2. Define degrees of freedom.
  3. What is phase diagram? Write their types.
  4. What is eutectic system?
  5. Define a phase and a component.
  6. What is triple point and eutectic point?
  7. What are the merits and demerits of phase rule?
  8. Define an alloy. Give examples.
  9. Write the important properties of alloys.
  10. What is heat treatment of steel? Write its types.
   11. What is atomic and molecular spectroscopy?
   12. What is colorimetry?
   13. What is Flame photometry?
   14. Define Lambert’s law.
   15. Define Beer-Lambert’s law.
   16. What are the limitations of Beer-Lambert’s law.
   17. Calculate the frequency of radiations having wavelength 5000A0 where C = 2.996 X 1010 cm/s.
   18. State the limitations of flame photometry.
  1. What are the applications of Colorimetry?
  2. A solution shows a transmittance of 20% when taken in a cell of 2.8 cm thickness. Calculate the concentration if the molar extinction co-efficient is 5842dm3mol-1cm-1
21.a) Draw a neat diagram and explain water system.
b) Write a note on Nichrome and Stainless steel.

22) What is phase diagram? Explain the phase diagram for a two component system with example.
b) Write a note on brass.

23. Write a note on heat treatment of steel.

24. Write about the composition, properties and uses of
types of Bronze.

25. What is thermal analysis? Draw and discuss about The construction of a phase diagram with the help
of cooling curves.

26. Explain the principle and determination of Iron by

27. Describe with the help of a block diagram the estimation of Nickel by Flame photometry.

28. Write the principle involved in Colorimeter and Flame photometer.

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