Jhksoft Electricity Lab 3.0 ( Electrical Lab on ur PC)

Do electricity experiment in your computer with it Jhksoft Electricity Lab is a fully open electricity experiment simulation platform catered to the needs of Middle school Physics lessons, students and Physics teachers.

Different from conventional Physics tutoring software, Jhksoft Electricity Lab is not to demonstrate simply a few existing experiments, instead, it is aimed to provide an electricity laboratory with full range of electric components, in which you can Create by yourself all the electricity experiments that you can imagine. Totally six categories of electric components including dozens of specific electric components are provided by Jhksoft Electricity Lab.

As a user, you can organize your own circuits using these components. For example, you can easily do the following things: to organize series and parallel circuits, to measure resistance by voltammetry method, to measure the voltage Between the ends of a circuit, to accurately measure the resistance by Wheatstone bridge, to control a circuit by electromagnetic relays and etc.. In the Laboratory, there are also components like bulb, electric ring and etc., which will make your experiments more vigorous and lively. you can free download Jhksoft Electricity Lab 3.0 now.

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