BITS Pilani -> Rajasthan - Oasis ’11 – Cultural fest – 20th -24th Oct

The Fest -
OASIS, the annual cultural festival of BITS- Pilani, has achieved a cult status of its own.
OASIS 2011 – The Roadtrip is being held from 20th to 24th October.
This, the 41st edition promises to be bigger and better.
Type Of Fest- Cultural Fest
The Theme:- The Roadtrip
It’s the sheer euphoria of motion, the power of the turning wheels. The landscape becomes a blur, a blast of the desert air greets you as you roll down the windows, this is the road like you’ve never seen it before. This trip is all about motion, about the frenzy of 96 hours of a continuous drive through the sands of Pilani, which will transform into the ever changing landscape. It is impossible to remember every detail of the countryside, but the snatches that you manage to see will be hard to forget.
So pump up the stereo, fasten your seat belts, turn the ignition, jam your foot hard on the accelerator, and be prepared to witness the most exhilarating road trip you ever could’ve seen.
96 hours of motion.
96 hours of speed.
96 hours of the changing sands.
96 hours of adrenalin.
Oasis 2k11-the road trip.
The Events
OASIS is a 96 hour non-stop festival with events going on well through the night. Oasis events include music, drama, dance, stage shows, fashion and treasure hunts. Professional shows involve popular singers or bands. Prominent events incude,
Rocktaves is the rock festival of BITS Pilani. It is without a doubt one of the most prestigious rock competitions in India. Rocktaves is a major event of the cultural festival Oasis.
Choreo is a theme portraying dance competition. It provides an opportunity for dancers to unleash their imagination and show their dancing skills. It communicates ideas, feelings and emotions through movement and expressive art.
Mr. and Ms. Oasis (MAMO)
A personality hunt that crowns the rightful Mr. and Ms. Oasis. Participants go through multiple rounds which test their wit, gumption, composure and their ability to present themselves in an amicable way in all sorts of situations. This event has its own special path in OASIS.
Professional Shows (Prof Shows)
Eminent personalities, bands and celebrities like Vishal-Shekhar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy[1], Ahsaan Qureshi, Dr.Kumar Vishvas, Sunil Pal, Ras Bihari Gaur, Rainbow Bridge, Motherjane, Bhayanak Maut and many more have showcased their talent and entertained scores of students.
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