CE2301 Irrigation Engineering Important Question for May / June 2013 Exam

Anna University
CE2301 Irrigation Engineering
Important Questions
May / June 2013 Exam
1. What are the merits and demerits of irrigation?
2. What are the factors affecting duty?
3. Briefly explain about irrigation efficiencies?
4. What are the consumptive use of water?
5. Briefly explain about planning and development of irrigation project?
6. Write a short note on sub-surface irrigation, state clearly the conditions under which this method is suitable. What are the essential requirements for a successful sub-surface irrigation?
7. Write the merits and demerits of surface irrigation.

1. Briefly explain about canal irrigation?
2. Briefly explain about lift irrigation?
3. Briefly explain about tank irrigation?
4. Briefly explain about flooding methods?
5. Briefly explain about sprinkler irrigation methods?
6. Explain briefly the ‘Sprinkler’ and ‘drip’ methods of irrigation systems.
7. State the classification of ‘surface irrigation’?
8. Classify the method of irrigation and write the objective of any three irrigation methods.
9. Discuss the suitability of sprinkler irrigation for Indian condition.

1. What are the factors affecting location and types of dams?
2. Briefly explain about tanks, sluices and weirs?
3. What are types of dams and dam arches?
4. Explain the design features of cross drainage works?
5. State the ‘causes of failure’ of earth dams. Describe them briefly?
6. List the ‘major types’ of spillways. Briefly explain their salient features wit suitable sketches and their suitability.
7. Explain the criteria adopted in designing various components of weir built on permeable foundation using kosala theory and write the limitations?
8. What are factors to be considered during hydraulic design of dams?

1. What is the necessity of river training works?
2. What is mean by guide banks? What are their functions and effects?
3. State the necessity and location of canal falls?
4. Briefly discuss the design considerations of a canal trough for an aqueduct syphon?
5. Distinguish between ‘metered and non-metered’ fall?
6. What are the four types modern falls recognized? Briefly describe them
7. Briefly describe the salient principles of design of a straight glacis fall?
8. Explain how canals are classified? Discuss the methods to improve canal irrigation system?

1. Briefly explain about on-farm-development works?
2. What is the need for water user’s association?
3. What is the need for optimization of water use?
4. Briefly explain about percolation pond?
5. Discuss the role of farmers in water management?
6. What are the main functions of a head regulator?
7.What are the main functions of a ‘cross-regulator’?
8.What is a ‘percolation pond’? What are its uses/advantages?