CS2301 Software Engineering Important Questions for May / June 2013 Exam

Anna University. Chennai
May/June 2013 Examinations
CS2301 Software Engineering Important Questions 

1. Draw the system engineering hierarchy diagram and explain the concept.
2. Explain the following: 1) Waterfall model (II) RAD model (iii) Prototype model (ivJ Spiral model
3 Explain the linear software life cycle model with suitable illustration.
4 Elaborate on Business Process Engineering and Product Engineering 
5. State and explain the requirement engineering tasks In detail?
6.Explain Data modelling? Draw Entity relationship diagram for hospital (or) Student management system
7. What are prototyping techniques? How are prototype models prepared for a software process? Discuss
8. Discuss In detail the Requirement Engineering Process. Discuss the difference between user requirements and system requirements?
9. Explain the design steps of Transform mapping and transaction mapping?

10. Explain the interface design activities. What steps do we perform to accomplish interface design?
11. Explain the fundamental software design concepts in detail?
12 Explain various modularity and control styles commonly used in any organizational model.
13. Explain about System testing and boundary value analysis test ?
14. What are the formulas for cyclomatic complexity? Calculate the cyclomatic complexity for greatest of three numbers.

15.Define Regression Testing? Distinguish between Top down and bottom up integration? How is testing different from debugging? Justify.
16. Describe the testing objectives and principles?
17. Explain the CASE repository function in detail?
18. Explain CCCOMO Model In detail?
19 Explain the various method encountered in cost estimation?
20 Explain earned value analysis? Explain the steps to determine earned value?

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