MG2351 Principles of Management May June 2013 Important Questions

Anna University

MG2351 Principles of Management

Important Questions

Common to Aero , Civil , EEE , ECE , EIE , Mech , FT , ICE

Unit 1

1) Explain the principle of F.W.Taylor theory.

2) Explain the Henry Fayol management theory.

3) What are the major functions of management explain.

4) Explain management is an art or science both science and art.

5) Explain the types of business organization.

Unit 2

1) Describe the various elements in planning?

2) What are different types of plans?

3) Give an account of various steps involved in planning?

4) Describe the different objectives of planning?

5) Explain briefly the benefits and weakness of MBO?

Unit 3

1) Describe the steps in rational decision making?

2) Explain how formal organization is different from informal organization

3) Discuss about the factors determining an effective span of management

4) Write short note on types of departmentation and matrix organization

5) Explain the concept of functional authority. How do you delegate?

6) Explain the concept of decentralization?

Unit 4

1) Explain the concept of motivation.

2) Write short note on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

3) Explain different styles of leadership based on authority

4) Explain the qualities required for effective leadership

5) What are the barriers of effective communication? Explain them

6) Discuss the importance of communication in a modern industrial organization

Unit 5

23) Explain the steps in the process of controlling.

24) Explain the role of MIS play at various levels of management

25) What are the effective steps for direct control and preventive control?

26) What are the factors effect the operations of the multi national enterprises

27) Explain a unified global theory of management

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