Emphasis 2K17 - National Level Technical Symposium - Anand Institute of Higher Technology

Emphasis 2K17 -  National Level Technical Symposium - Anand Institute of Higher Technology 

Emphasis is a national level technical symposium conducted by the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in association with the conglomerate of Electronics Engineers, Anand Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai.

Events : 

⇒Paper Presentation (Papier Vortrag )
⇒Technical Quiz  (Tegniese Imibuzo)
⇒Treasure Hunt
⇒Idea Presentation (Minds Eye)
⇒Circuit Debugging (Circuit Emulator)
⇒Gaming (Butterfingers)

Send your papers to the mail : emphasis2k17@gmail.com  

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Note : 

Last date for paper submission & registration: 13/02/2017
Intimation of Paper selection : 15/02/2017
Event date : 17/02/2017

Contact Details : 

E-mail: emphasis2k17@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9486342276 

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