Anna university of Technology Chennai - Recommendations of the "Round Table" on Educational Development

Government of India

Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of Higher Education - 
New Delhi.

Follow up action on the recommendations of the ‘Round Table’ on Educational Development of Disadvantageous Sections held on 20.10.2011 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble HRM.

The 2nd Meeting of the ‘Round Table’ Of Educational Development of Disadvantageous Sections was held on 20.11.2011. Among the various issues discussed, it was decided to make educational institutions (the buildings of University, colleges and technical institutes, approached, toilets, playgrounds, laboratories, libraries, etc) barrier free and accessible for ail types of disability and to remove myths about MentaHy Illness among the peers and staff.

( Harpreet Singh)
Tel: 2338 7934


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