Power Plant Engineering (PPE)–Unit 5 Two Marks Question Bank

Anna University

Power Plant Engineering

Semester 4 – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Unit 5

Nuclear and MHD Power Generation

Two Marks Question Bank

1. What is geothermal energy? Give its applications.

2. Give some geothermal energy sources in India.

3. What are the different geothermal fluids and give its temperature range.

4. State the applications of solar thermal system.

5. What are the factors to be considered for suitable site selection of tidal power plant?

6. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal power plant.

7. What are the fixed costs?

8. List out the advantages of tidal power plant over hydel power plant.

9. What is the significance of two part tariff and three part tariff?

10. Mention the advantages & disadvantages of the OTEC power plant.

11. What are the major factors that decide the economy of the power plant?

12. What are the advantages and limitations of tidal power generation?

13. What do you understand by the term tariff?

14. What are the components of tidal power plants?

15. What is OTEC?

16. How does the fuel cost relate to the load and the cost of power generation?

17. What are the important criteria while selecting the geothermal energy?

18. What is the principle of OTEC?

19. What is the basic principle of tidal power?

20. How can the generation of power be achieved in a single basin arrangement?

21. What is a fuel cell? Give its types.

22. What is meant by reversible fuel cell?

23. What are the basic arrangements proposed for converting solar energy into electrical energy?

24. What are the characteristics of solar central receiver system?

25. What is heliostat? Give its basic aspects.

26. List out four important factors to be considered for selection of site for power plant.

27. What is MHD? Give its principle of power generation.

28. Give the advantages and disadvantages of wind power.

29. Give the characteristics of Wind energy.

30. What are the parts of a fuel cell?

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