Power Plant Engineering (PPE)–Question Bank 2012 Edition

Anna University






1. What is meant by air standard cycle?

2. Explain the Carnot heat engine with diagram?

3. Explain the stages in Brayton cycle?

4. Draw the P-V and T-S diagram for Carnot refrigerator?

5. Explain the Rankine cycle and its stages?

6. What is called air standard efficiency?

7. Define reheat system and regeneration system?

8. What is called superheated steam?

9. What is the function boiler and turbine?

10. What are the types of boilers?


11. a) Explain the steam power plant layout and its working principle?

b) Explain the reheat system and regeneration system of a thermal power plant

12. a) Explain the principle of carnot heat engine .

b) Derive the thermal efficiency for the brayton cycle and explain all its stages?

13. A steam turbine is to operate on a simple regenerative cycle. Steam is supplied to dry saturated at 35 bar & a exhausted to a condenser at 0.06 bar. The condenser is pumped to a pressure of 3 bar at which it is mixed with bled steam from the turbine at 3 bar. The resulting water, which is at saturation temperature, is then pumped to the boiler for ideal cycle.

Calculate: (i) The amount of bled steam required per Kg of Kg of supply steam.

(ii) The thermal efficiency of the plant

14. Explain the water tube boiler and fire tube boiler with neat sketch

15. Draw a line diagram of fluidized bed combustion system where steam turbine is used as a prime mover & explain it's working.




1.what do you under stand by water hammer?

2.Discuss the essential factor which should be considered while selecting a site for a hydro electric power plant

3.what is the basis of classification of turbines?

4.What is draft tube & explain it's function?

5.What is the function of surge tank in a hydro electric power plant?

6.Classify different types of turbine.

7.What are the three main factors of power output of hydroelectric plant?

8.How do you classify the hydro-power plants?

9.What are the main parts of pelton wheel?

10.What is the function of spear & nozzle?


11.Draw a lay out of typical micro hydro scheme & explain it's working in detail.

12.What are the different types of pumped storage power generation? Explain it's advantages & dis-advantages.

13.Derive the expression for the maximum hydraulic efficiency in a impulse turbine.

14.What are the factors to be considered for selecting a site for a hydroelectric power plant?

15.Sketch the lay out of hydro electric power plant &explain the functions of each component in it. Discuss the advantages & limitations of this power plant.




1.what are the conditions satisfied to sustain nuclear fission process?

2.What is nuclear fusion?

3.Explain the functions of moderators.

4.Mention the various types of fast breeders.

5.List down the nuclear waste disposal methods.

6.What are the desired properties required for good moderator?

7.What are the function of control rods?

8.State the advantages of fast breeder reactors.

9.What factors control the selection of a particular type of a reactor?

10.Define the term “Breeding”.


11.Explain the working of a typical fast breeder nuclear reactor power plant, with the help of a neat diagram.

12.With a neat sketch explain the boiling water reactor power plant.

13.Describe the boiling water reactor with the help of a neat sketch & explain it's chief characteristics.

14.Explain the construction & working of super critical water reactor.

15.Explain the principle of operation of fusion reactor.




1.what are the main units in a gas turbine power plant?

2.State any two major advantages of gas turbine power plant.

3.What are the essential components of a diesel power plant?

4.What are all the application of diesel power plant ?

5.Discuss the effect of inter cooling in a gas turbine plant?

6.Sketch the schematic arrangement of open cycle gas turbine plant & name the components.

7.What are the effect of introducing regeneration in the basic gas turbine cycle?

8.What are the performance parameters in I.C engines?

9.What are the commonly used fuel injection system in a diesel power station?

10.What is the principle of operation of a simple jet propulsion system?


11.In a gas turbine unit air is drawn at 1.02bar & 18ºc & is compressed to 6.2 bar. Calculate the thermal efficiency & the work ratio of the ideal constant pressure cycle, when the maximum cycle temperature is limited to 900ºc

12.List the essential components of a diesel power plant and explain them briefly.

13.Draw a neat diagram of a regenerative gas turbine power plant having intercooling & reheater, also explain it's working with the help of a p-v diagram.

14.An ideal bray ton cycle operating with a pressure ratio of 8.25 & the initial pressure & temperature of 1 bar & 32ºc respectively. The turbine & compressor efficiencies are 80% & 85% respectively. Find the compressor and turbine work per Kg of air, heat supplied & the cycle efficiency.

15.With p-v & t-s diagram explain the effect of intercooling, reheating & regeneration in a gas turbine plant.




1.What are the components of tidal power plants?

2.What is the principle of OTEC?

3.List out four important factors to be considered for selection of site for power plants.

4.What are the limitations of OTEC system?

5.What is the classification of tidal power plants?

6.What is geothermal energy?

7.What are the different geothermal fluids?

8.What is meant by reversible fuel cell?

9.What are the basic arrangements proposed for converting solar radiation into electrical energy?

10.What are the characteristics of solar central receiver system?


11.Draw the layout of a MHD open cycle generator & explain it's functions of components.

12.Explain the working principle of geothermal conversion system with neat sketch.

13.Discuss the principle of operation of fuel cell with a neat sketch.

14.Explain the working principle of OTEC with it's advantages & dis-advantages.

15.Describe the working of polymer electrolyte fuel cell with a neat sketch.

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