Basic Civil and Mechanical - May/June 2010 Question Paper

Second Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
(Common to Bio-medical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering,
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Information Technology, Computer
Science & Engineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering)
(Regulation 2008)
Time : Three hours
Maximum : 100 Marks

Answer ALL questions

PART A— (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

1. State the two principles of surveying?
2. How are bricks classified?
3. Define bearing capacity of soil?
4. Define stress and strain?
5. What is the use of surge tank in hydropower plants?
6. Give two examples for positive displacement pumps?
7. What is the function of a carburetor?
8. Compare two stroke and four stroke engines with regard to power output and
thermal efficiency, for the same speed and cylinder capacity?
9. Define Ton of Refrigeration?
10. State the values of DBT and RH for human comfort in India?

PART B— (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11. (a) The following perpendicular offsets were taken at 10 m intervals from a survey
line to an irregular boundary line: 3.15 m, 4.30 m, 8.20 m, 6.85 m, 7.60 m, 4.20 m,
5.60 m, and 4.30 m. Calculate the area enclosed between the survey line, irregular
boundary line, first and last offsets by trapezoidal rule.
(b) What are the different types of cement? Explain their properties and uses.

12. (a) Describe with neat sketches:
(i) Any one type of shallow foundation
(ii) Pile foundation.
(b) Describe with neat sketches
(i) Arch culvert
(ii) T-Beam and Slab Bridge.

13. (a) Draw a neat Layout of a typical Steam Power Plant and explain the various
circuits involved.
(b) With the help of suitable sketches, explain the working of a Reciprocating Pump.
What are the advantages of centrifugal pumps over reciprocating pumps?

14. (a) Explain the working of a two stroke Petrol engine. What are the merits and
demerits of two stroke engines?
(b) Explain the principle of working of a four stroke Diesel engine with suitable
sketches. What are the merits and demerits of four stroke engines?

15. (a) With the help of flow diagram explain the principle of working of a vapour
compression refrigeration system. Compare vapour absorption refrigeration with
vapour compression refrigeration.
(b) With a neat sketch, explain in detail the working of a window type room air

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