Basic Civil and Mechanical - Model Question Paper



MARKS: 100 TIME: 3 hrs

Part – A (20 × 2 = 40 Marks)
1. What are the two different principles involved in surveying?
2. What is meant by Quarrying referred in Engineering Materials?
3. Draw the Stress-Strain Curve for the Ductile Material (mild steel)
4. Distinguish between substructure and super structure of a building?
5. State the two principles of surveying.
6. How are bricks classified?
7. Define bearing capacity of soil.
8. Define stress and strain.
9. What is meant by Priming?
10. List out the merits of Diesel power plant
11. Why choke is used in Petrol engine?
12. What is the use of Fusible Plug in Boiler?
13. Give the examples for secondary refrigerants?
14. What is meant by Refrigeration? And Refrigerator?
15. What is the use of surge tank in hydropower plants?
16. Give two examples for positive displacement pumps.
17. What is the function of a carburetor?
18. Compare two stroke and four stroke engines with regard to power output and
thermal efficiency, for the same speed and cylinder capacity.
19. Define Ton of Refrigeration.
20. State the values of DBT and RH for human comfort in India.

Part B (5 X 12 = 60 Marks)

21. (a) Define Surveying?
(b)What are all the Different operations to be performed in chain surveying?
(c) Explain the term contouring with the relevant example? [4+8+4]
22. (a) Name any four Physical and Mechanical Properties?
(b) Explain about the Manufacture of Bricks?
(c) Explain the Slump test. [4+8+4]
23. (a) Explain various types of Building Foundations?
(b) Differentiate between the Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry [ 8+8]
24. (a) Classify the Hydel Power plant
(b) Explain the Diesel Power plant
(c) Give the Water-hammer effect [4+8+4]
25.(a) What are all the various types of casings involved in centrifugal pump?
(b) Explain about the positive displacement pump.
(c) Compare centrifugal pump with Reciprocating pump [ 8+4+4]
26. (a) Explain the Two stroke Diesel engine
(b) Explain the Two stroke Petrol engine [ 8+8]
27. (a) Explain the Low pressure Boiler with neat sketch
(b) Differentiate Between the High pressure Boiler and Low pressure Boiler [ 8+8]
28. (a) Define refrigerant? Classify and Explain the Refrigerants [ 8+8]
(b) Explain the Layout of Domestic Refrigerator.

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