Electronic Device and Circuits - More Important Questions

These are the List of the Question that are repeatedly asked in Anna University Examination.

  1. Explain the construction,operation and characteristics of PN Junction Diode.
  2. Explain the working principle of half wave / full wave rectifier and derive the expression for ripple factor,efficiency,Vdc,Irms,Idc,Vrms and TUF.
  3. Explain the alpha numberic display config using LEDs and describe its working.
  4. Explain construction and working of LCD.
  5. Draw and Explain the input and output characteristics of a transistor in CE/CB/CC configuration.
  6. Explain the Switching Characteristics of transistor.
  7. Explain the operation of power transistor.
  8. Explain the operation of optocoupler.
  9. Construction , Operation and Characteristics of JFET.
  10. Construction , Operation and Characteristics of MOSFET.
  11. Explain the working of Darlington connection.
  12. Explain the performance of FET as VVR.
  13. Explain Differential Amplifier.
  14. Working of colpit's oscillator and derive frequency.
  15. Explain feedback topologies(VT series,VT shunt,CT series,CT shunt)
  16. Explain schmitt trigger
  17. Explain UJT based Sawtooth oscillator.
  18. Explain working of Astable and Bistable multivibrator.


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