EVS - Social Issues and the Environment Question Bank

Environment Science and Engineering
Unit IV - Social Issues and the Environment

1.Define sustainable development.
2.What is rainwater Harvesting ?
3.Define green house effect.
4.What is acid rain?
5.Define the term environment ethics.
6.Define global warming.
7.What is acid deposition ?
8.What are the damages caused by acid rain?
9.What is wasteland reclamation.
10.What is consumerism?
11.Name any four environment protection acts.
12.What are the effects of global warming?
13.Give some example of green house gases.
14.What are the important causes of climate change?
15.What is ozone layer depletion?
16.What is meant by ISO 14000?

Part B
  1. Explain the agenda for sustainable development.
  2. Explain in detail about global warming.
  3. Explain wasteland reclamation.
  4. Discuss nuclear accidents and holocaust.
  5. Give a detailed account of ozone layer depletion.
  6. Explain briefly on the Indian Environmental Acts.
  7. Explain watershed management.
  8. Explain rain water harvesting.
  9. Explain resettlement and rehabilitation issues.
  10. Explain the urban problems related to energy.
  11. How is acid rain formed? Explain its impact on Environment.
  12. How is environment protected through Legislation? Explain.

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