FET and its Application (Unit 3) - Question Bank

Part A 
1. Why is FET is known as unipolar device ?
 2. Distinguish FET and BJT
3. Distinguish JFET and MOSFET
 4. What is meant by pinch off voltage and amplification factor
 5. What are the features of JFET
 6. Define drain resistance of transconductance
7. What are the applications of JFET?
8. Write the Shockleys equation
 9. What are the parameters of JFET.
 10. Give small signal model of JEFT
11. Draw the drain characteristics of JFET & mark the regions of operation.
12. Give the drain current Equation of JFET.
 13. Define cut off voltage.
 14. Distinguish ohmic region & saturation region.
15. Draw transfer char of JFET.
 16. Compare the common source, common drain & common gate amplifiers.
 17. Draw the circuit diagram of Source Follower
 18. Compare DMOSFET & EMOSFET.
 19. Give classification of FET.
20. Why do depletion regions do not touch of pinch off?
21. Depletion MOSFET is called normally ON MOSFET. Why?
22. Draw the char of n-channel Enhancement MOSFET.
 23. Give the symbol of n&p channel FET,MOSFET.
24. Give the application of EMOSFET & DMOSFET.
 25. Justify : JFET is a VVR
26. What is breakdown ? Why does it take place in JFET? What are its effects?
 27. What is darlington connection?
28. Define threshold voltage of MOSFET.
 29. Why is FET preferred as Buffer Amplifier.
30. What is meant by cascade & cascade connection.

 Part B 

 1. Explain with the help of neat diagram construction, working & VI characteristics of n channel JFET.
 2. Explain performance of FET as VVR.
3. With neat diagram explain working of Darlington connection.
4. Describe the construction & operation of depletion mode MOSFET & draw its characteristics.
5. Draw & explain small signal model of common source , common Gate & common Drain amplifier.
6. Describe the construction & operation of Enhancement MOSFET & draw its characteristics.

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