EVS - Human Population and the Environment Question Bank

Environment Science and Engineering
Unit V -  Human Population and the Environment Question Bank

Part A
  1. Define the term population dynamics.
  2. What do you mean by population growth.
  3. Define immigration and emigration.
  4. What is meant by population explosion.
  5. What do you understand by Logistic growth.
  6. State any four factors that increase or decrease the population.
  7. What are the role of Empowered Action Group (EAG) in family welfare programme?
  8. What is meant by value of Education.
  9. What is meant by HIV?
  10. What is meant by AIDS?
  11. How AIDS can be controlled?
  12. List out the schemes for child welfare.
  13. What are the policies for women development?
  14. Suggest any four methods of staying healthy.
  15. List any four common violence against women.
Part B
  1. Explain briefly the population explosion.
  2. Explain in detail about family welfare programme,training and development.
  3. Explain in detail about population growth.
  4. Discuss Environment and Human Health.
  5. Explain the value of education.
  6. Explain briefly on Human Rights.
  7. Explain HIV/AIDS
  8. Explain the various policies and programmes for woman and child development.
  9. Explain the role of IT in environment engineering with case study.
  10. Explain J-Curve,S-Curve and Survivorship curves.


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