CS 1005-UNIX INTERNAL Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai




1. (a)Explain the details about UNIX System Architecture. (b)Briefly details about System Structure .

2. Explain the details Operating System service.

3. Explain the details about process states & state Transition.

4. Explain the details about system concepts

5. Explain Assumption about Hardware

6. Explain the details about the User perspective

1. Explain in detail about the structure of regular file

2. a) Explain the algorithm for converting the path name to inode b) Explain the system call used for creating the special files

3. Write notes on a) Directories

b) Super blocks

4. a) Explain the details about buffer headers . b) Explain the structure of buffer pool


1. Discuss the concepts of pipes and DUP system call

2. Explain how a file is mounted and unmounted from the file structure

3. (a) Discuss the open system call and algorithm

(b)Discuss the close system call and algorithm

4. (a) Discuss the read system call and algorithm

(b) Discuss the write system call and algorithm

5. (a) Briefly explain file creation concepts

(b) Short notes on File locking & Record Locking


1. What is region? state any 3 region system calls that are invoked by a process, one when getting hold a region, one during execution and one while relinquishing it back

2. Describe the state transition that a process undergoes during its lifetime

3. (a) Every process maintains a private U area. Describe how the U area is maintained with the help of register triples.

(b)Write short notes on Signals

4. Discuss the context of a process in detail

5. Write the algorithm involved in creating a new process and explain it

6. Write and explain the algorithm for booting the system

1. Explain process scheduling

2. What is the function of a clock interrupt handler? Details any 3 function along with the system calls and their data structures

3. What are the data structures related to paging

4. What is page fault? Discuss the page fault related to validity fault and details all the cases

When the page is faulted.

5. Write short notes on

a. Allocations of swap space b. Swapping processes out

6.(a) Explain briefly the concepts involved in driver interface

(b) Write short notes on terminal drivers

7. Write detail notes on disk drivers

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