IT2301-JAVA PROGRAMMING Questions Bank 2014



Department of IT



Part B

1. Explain OOP Principles.

2. Explain the features of Java Language.

3. Compare and Contrast Java with C.

4. Compare and Contrast Java with C++.

5. Explain Constructors with examples.

6. Explain the methods available under String and String Buffer Class.

7. Explain the Date Class methods with examples.

8. Discuss in detail the access specifiers available in Java.

9. Explain the different visibility controls and also compare with each of them.

10.Explain the different methods in java.Util.Arrays class with example.

11.Explain Packages in detail.

12.Discuss the methods under Array Class.

13.Discuss some of the classes available under Lang package.

14.Illustrate with examples: static and final.

15.Explain method overriding with example program.

16.What is javaDoc? Explain the comments for classes, methods, fields and link.

17.Application Programs in Java.



1. Explain the concept of inheritance and its types.

2. Explain the concept of overriding with examples.

3. What is dynamic binding? Explain with example.

4. Explain the uses of reflection with examples.

5. Define an interface. Explain with example.

6. Explain the methods under “object” class and “class” class.

7. What is object cloning? Explain deep copy and shallow copy with examples.

8. Explain static nested class and inner class with examples.

9. With an example explain proxies.

10.Develop a message abstract class which contains playMessage abstract method. Write a different sub-classes like TextMessage, VoiceMessage and FaxMessage classes for to implementing the playMessage method.

11.Develop a abstract Reservation class which has Reserve abstract method.

Implement the sub-classes like ReserveTrain and ReserveBus classes and implement the same.

12.Develop an Interest interface which contains simpleInterest and compInterest methods and static final field of Rate 25%. Write a class to

implement those methods.

13.Develop a Library interface which has drawbook(), returnbook() (with fine), checkstatus() and reservebook() methods. All the methods tagged with public.

14.Develop an Employee class which implements the Comparable and Cloneable interfaces. Implement the sorting of persons (based on name in alphabetical). Also implement the shallow copy (for name and age) and deep copy (for DateOfJoining).

15.Explain the different methods supported in Object class with example.

16.Explain the methods supported in Class class.

17.Explain the Methods supported in reflect package. Also write a program to implement the reflection of a particular class details like constructors, methods and fields with its modifiers.

18.Develop a static Inner class called Pair which has MinMax method for finding min and max values from the array.

19.What is proxy class? Develop a code for constructing a proxy objects to trace a binary search method with explanations.



1. Explain the classes under 2D shapes.

2. Explain event handling with examples.

3. Explain action event with an example.

4. What are the swing components. Explain.

5. Describe the AWT event hierarchy.



1. Explain generic classes and methods.

2. Explain exception hierarchy.

3. What are the advantages of Generic Programming?

4. Explain the different ways to handle exceptions.

5. How Java handle overflows and underflows?



1. Explain the different states of a thread.

2. Explain thread synchronization with examples.

3. Explain the algorithm used for thread scheduling.

4. Describe multi threading.

5. Explain Deadlocks.

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