CS2304 - SYSTEM SOFTWARE Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai




PA R T - B

1. Explain the various generations of languages of computers with examples.

2. Explain the various types of addressing modes in hypothetical computers.

3. Explain a hypothetical computer model with neat diagram. (OR)

Explain the architecture of SIC machine with suitable examples.

4. Explain the architecture SIC/XE machine in detail.

5. Explain SIC programming with suitable examples.

6. Explain SIC/XE programming with suitable examples.

7. Explain the differences between CISC & RISC machines.

8. Explain any two traditional machine architectures in detail.


1. Explain the functions of SIC assembler in detail.

2. Explain the algorithm and data structures used for SIC assembler in detail.

3. Explain two pass assembler functions with suitable example program.

4. Explain machine dependant features of an assembler functions.

5. Explain machine independent features of an assembler functions.

6. Explain one-pass assembler functions with example program.

7. Discuss in detail about multi-pass assembler.

8. Discuss in detail about MASM assembler.

9. Explain SPARC assembler functions in detail.

10. Explain AIX assembler functions in detail.

PA R T - B

1. Explain Absolute Loader concept with algorithm.

2. Explain Bootstrap loader with its program in detail.

3. Explain machine independent loader features in detail.

4. Explain machine dependant loader features in detail.

5. Explain linkage editor with neat diagram.

6. Explain program relocation concept with suitable example program.

7. Explain direct linking loader with examples.

8. Explain dynamic linking for loading and calling of a subroutine concept.

9. Explain MS-DOS Linker in detail.

10. Explain algorithm and data structures used for a linking loader in detail.


1. Explain recursive macro expression in detail.

2. With suitable example explain macro processor design options in detail.

3. What is a general purpose macro processor? Explain.

4. Write notes on MASM macro processor

5. State and explain the algorithm for an one pass macro processor.

6. With an example explain conditional macro expansion.

7. Write an algorithm for a simple one pass macro processor.

8. Explain machine dependent macro processor features in detail.

9. Explain machine independent macro processor features in detail.

10. Explain ANSI-C macro processor with example.


PA R T - B

1. Explain the important functions and capabilities of an editor.

2. Explain the different phases of compilers.

3. Explain interactive debugging system in brief.

4. Explain in detail the lexical analysis phase of a compiler.

5. Explain machine dependent code optimization technique.

6. What are the functions of a compiler?

7. Define compiler and discuss.

8. List machine dependent compiler features and discuss.

9. List the various functions of interpreters.

10. Write the algorithm to partition the sequence of three address statements into basic blocks.

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