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16 Marks

1. Explain the architecture of MOM? How is it different from other types of Middleware.

2. Define Middleware and types of middleware in detail.

3. How is RPC implemented in client server environment? Explain in detail the various issues involved while implementing with diagram.

4. How are the servers classified? Describe each type in detail.

5. What are the most typical functional units of the client /server applications?

16 Marks

1. Draw the life cycle of Entity bean and explain

2. List the Constraints on using Session beans.

3. Explain the concept of session bean and It type in detail.

4. Explain Life Cycle of session bean with diagram.

5. Explain detail about Entity beans and its deployment.

6. Draw the life cycle of entity bean and explain.

7. List the constraints on using session beans.

16 Marks

1. Explain briefly about the CORBA services.

2. Explain the CORBA component model.

3. Write short notes on SOM and MDA.

4. Explain briefly about IDL interface.

5. Explain briefly about CCM components.

16 Marks

1. Explain the COM services in detail.

2. Explain in detail the compound document and OLE.

3. Explain briefly about the .Net components.

4. Write short notes on AppDomains, contexts, reflection,remoting

5. Explain about dual interface and outgoing interfaces

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