C++ Programming – Certificate Course – Ramanujan Computing Centre Anna University

C++ Programming – Certificate Course – Ramanujan Computing Centre Anna University 

Course Content :      

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Methods And Messages
Abstraction And Encapsulation

Introduction To C++

Access Specifiers
Function And Data Members
Default Arguments

Constructors & Destructors

Default Constructor.
Parameterized Constructors.
Constructor With Dynamic Allocation.
Copy Constructor.

Operator Overloading

Overloading Through Friend Functions.
Overloading The Assignment Operator.
Type Conversion.


Public, Private, And Protected Derivations
Multiple Inheritance
Virtual Base Class
Abstract Class

Streams And Formatted I/O

I/O Manipulators
File Handling
Random Access
Object Serialization

Eligibility : 

Higher Secondary / College students only

Fee Details :

For Higher Secondary students : Rs.1,500/-

For college students : Rs. 2,500/-

Course fee should be made through Demand Draft and it should be drawn in favour of “The Director, Ramanujan Computing Centre” payable at Chennai.

Note :

Last date for Registration and submitting the following documents for verification is 18/05/2016.
Photocopy of student’s ID card
Demand Draft of course fee
The Confirmation will be made after the verification of above documents.
The admission for the course is purely depends on First Come First Serve basis.

Venue –

Ramanujan Computing Centre, College of Engineering Guindy,Anna University, Chennai – 25.

Brochure : https://www.annauniv.edu/pdf/Certificate_Course_CPlus.pdf

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