CS2311 Object Oriented Programming - 16marks Important Question - 2012 Edition

Anna University
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department : B.E EEE
Semester : V
Year : 3rd yr
Regulation : 2008
Subject Code : CS2311
Subject Name : Object Oriented Programming

Content : Object Oriented Programming Important 16 marks (Part B) Questions - 2012 Edition.

1. What is a friend function? What are the merits and demerties of using friend function?

2. Explain about friend class and friend function with eg.?

3. What is inline function? Explain

4. Compare object oriented methodology with structure programming.

5. Write a program in c++ to input a four digit number and to write the same in words.

6. What is function polymorphism? explain with suitable eg

7. Create a class student and write a c++ program to read and display all the students in your class.

8.  Describe briefly the features of input/output supported by C++

9. explain the nested classes with suitable eg.

10. write a C++ program to add two complex number using the concept of passing and returning objects in member function

11.  what are access specifiers?how are the used to protect data in C++?

12. Explain with an eg, How you would create space for an array of objects using pointer.

13. explain the following with eg  Pointer to object  Array of pointers  Pointer to object members

14. Explain the following with an eg.
a. copy constructor
b. parameterized constructor
c. default argument constructor
d. dynamic constructor

15. what are virtual functions? Give an eg to highlight its need?

16. give the hierarchy of console stream class.

17. Explain how exceptions are handled in c++. Give examples to support your answer.

18. Implement a String class. Each object of this class will represent a characters string. Data members are the Length of the string and the actual characters String In addition  to constructors, destructor access function and a print function include a subscriptfunction.

19. Explain Method overriding in Java with an eg.

20. Construct the pictorial representation of Java Virtual Machine.

21. Write a program in java using constructor concept.

22. What are the different statements and its use in java?

23. Illustrate Inheritance in Java with suitable program.

24. Give a explanatory answer to define the difference between Java and C++, Characteristics of Java and the concepts in java

25. Explain the Life cycle of Thread with an eg

26. Describe package concept to perform arithmetic operations. Explain how to use it?

27. Explain the different states in Life cycle of applet?

28. Define Interfaces? Explain the extension of interfaces, implementation and accessing it.

29. What are the Different Exceptions caught, Explain the types with eg program.

30. Explain try, catch and finally statements with eg.