Drop Box in Colleges to prevent Ragging - Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Government announced to keep drop box in all colleges to prevent ragging.

The colleges in Tamil Nadu are to be open on July for this academic year,  in order to prevent the ragging Tamil Nadu Government had made a rule to keep drop box in all Colleges and also given some Prevention measures for ragging.

The drop box will be placed near the principal room, and students can drop the ragging petition on the drop box.

The College principal need to make a Anti - Ragging group and this group should took necessary action against the petition with the help of police.

And also a Anti - Ragging group should be made by the H.O.D of each department to monitor the ragging happening inside the campus.

Action against the students who are all involved in ragging will be taken by College Principal with the help of Police.

College principal who ever doesn't take care of the Drop box petition, action against will them will be taken by the Higher Education Department. 

The main aim of this act is "The Students should not be affected by ragging or by making fun of them"  

This act made all First Year students more Happy, it helps to break their afraidness.