GE2211 Environmental Science and Engineering–2012 Important Questions with Keys

Anna University
Department of Electronics Communication Engineering

Department : B.E ECE
Semester : V
Year : 3rd yr
Regulation : 2008
Subject Code : GE2211

Subject Name : Environmental Science and Engineering

Content : Environmental Science and Engineering – Important Questions with Keys – 1st Edition of 2012.


1. Explain about the importance of environmental study. Any16 points with explanation

2. Explain about the ways to create public awareness in environmental issues.

16 points with explanation

3. Discuss about over-exploitation of forests. i. Causes

ii. Consequences iii. A case study

4. Explain briefly about the conventional energy sources. i. Coal

ii. Oil or Petroleum

iii. Natural gas

iv. Nuclear energy

5. What are the role of individual in conservation of natural resources and sustainability?

i. Conserve water

ii. Conserve energy iii. Protect the soil

iv. Promote sustainable agriculture


1.Explain about population characteristics and population explosion.

i. Definitions on Exponential growth, doubling time, Total fertility rates, Infant mortality rate, replacement level, age structure

ii. Pyramids

iii. Indian scenario on population explosion iv. Views on population growth

2. Write notes on human rights. i. Human rights conferences

ii. Human rights in India

iii. Rights and duties of a citizen

iv. Draft declaration of human rights and environment

3. Write notes on value education. i. Definition

ii. Necessity

iii. Value education in the context of environment iv. Principles

4. Explain about women and child welfare. i. Women welfare

ii. Child welfare

5. Explain about role of Information Technology in Environment and human health. i. Information

ii. Need for computerization iii. Role of IT

iv. Application of IT in environment v. Application of IT in health

vi. Application of IT in environment and health


1. What do you know about „sustainable development‟? What are the important components of sustainable development?

i. Definition

ii. Aspects

iii. Measures

iv. 3 R concept

v. Carrying capacity

2. What do you know about „water conservation‟? Mention some of the techniques of water conservation.

i. Decreasing run-off losses

ii. Reducing evaporation losses iii. Storing water in soil

iv. Reducing irrigation losses v. Re-use of water

vi. Preventing wastage of water vii. Increasing block pricing

3. Write a brief note on the problems and concerns about resettlement and rehabilitation of people.

i. Problems and concerns ii. Case study

iii. Rehabilitation issues iv. Rehabilitation policies

4. What are the impacts of acid rain on the environment? Any 16 points with explanation

5. What do you know about „Ozone‟ and „Ozone layer depletion‟?

i. Definition

ii. Equations with explanation

iii. Factors affecting depletion iv. Effects of depletion


1. What are the different sources and types of air pollutants?

i. Natural Sources

ii. Man made or anthropogenic sources

2. How do you control air pollution?

i. Dilution

ii. Control at source

3. What do you know about soil pollution? What are the different sources of soil pollution?



Urban wastes Industrial wastes Agricultural

Soil conditioners Farm house wastes Radioactive wastes Biological agents

4. What are the different sources of marine pollution?

i. Land based sources ii. Air based sources

iii. Maritime transportation iv. Dumping of wastes

v. Offshore production

5. What are the causes of noise pollution?

i. Road traffic noise ii. Air traffic noise iii. Rail traffic noise iv. Domestic noise v. Industrial noise

vi. Incompatible land use noise

6. Explain clearly about the stages of solid waste management. Generation

i. Online handling and processing ii. Collection and Transportation iii. Processing

iv. Disposal

7. What are the important stages of hazardous waste management?

i. Storage

ii. Collection and transportation iii. Treatment

iv. Disposal


1. Explain briefly about the characteristic of ecosystems. Any 10 points with explanation

2. How can you classify the ecosystems?

i. Natural ecosystem ii. Artificial ecosystem

iii. Incomplete ecosystem

3. Discuss about the structural and functional components of an ecosystem. i. Structural Components

1. Biotic structure

2. Abiotic structure

ii. Functional components

1. Food chain, food web, trophic structure iii. Energy Flow

iv. Cycling of nutrients

v. Primary and secondary production

vi. Ecosystem development and regulation

4. With a neat sketch explain about the energy and nutrient flow through an ecosystem.

i. Energy flow laws ii. Model

iii. Nutrient cycling

1. Nitrogen cycle

2. Carbon cycle

3. Phosphorus cycle

4. Hydrological cycle

5. Explain about the different types of biodiversity. i. Genetic diversity

ii. Species diversity

iii. Ecosystem diversity

6. Discuss regarding biogeographical classification of India.

India‟s major biogeographic habitats

7. Classify and explain about the value of biodiversity. i. Consumptive use value

ii. Productive use value iii. Social value

iv. Ethical value

v. Aesthetic value vi. Option values

vii. Ecosystem service value

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