Electronic Circuits II (EC-II) Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai



1. Explain about various feedback networks with diagrams

2. Determine the input and output resistance of current shunt feedback network

3. Discuss the Nyquist criterian for stability of feedback amplifiers.

4. What is the effect of negative feedback on distortion , noise, input and output impedance of feedback amplifiers?

5. Explain current series feedback amplifier with diagram


1. Explain about RC phase shift oscillator

2. Derive the frequency response of wien bridge oscillator

3. How clap oscillator differ from colpitts oscillator

4. Explain any one type of LC oscillator

5. Explain Armstrong oscillator and derive frequency of oscillation


1. Discuss about double tuned amplifier with diagram

2. Explain class C tuned amplifier with diagram

3. Explain Hazeltine Neutralization model

4. Explain in detail single tuned amplifier with diagrams

5. Derive the efficiency of class B tuned amplifier


1. What is the response of low pass RC circuit for step , pulse and square inputs

2. Explain the working principle of Bistable multivibrator

3. Explain transistor switching times

4. Explain in detail about Astable multivibratior

5. Explain any one type of clippers

6. Explain about clampers


1. Explain about Miller integrator with diagrams

2. Discuss about current timebase circuit with suiable diagrams

3. Explain blocking LC oscillator with base timing

4. Explain about free running blocking oscillator

5. Explain the principle of Astable multivibrator with emitter base timing

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