Anna University - Environmental Science and Engineering (EVS) - Nov / Dec 2010 Question Paper - Two Marks with answers

B.E.IB Tech. Degree Examinations - November/December 2010

Fifth Semester Mechanical Engineering


(Common to B.E./B.Tech. Third Semester Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering and Information Technology)

(Also common to Fourth Semešter Biomedical Engineering and Fifth Semester/Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Production Engineering)
(Regulation 2008)

1.What are the types of grasslands ecosystem?

Types of grassland ecosystem:

Depends upon climate condition,
1) Tropical grasslands.
2). Temperature grasslands.
3) Polar grasslands.

2. Define species diversity.
Species diversity is the diversity between differed species. The sum of varieties of all living organisms at the species level is known as species diversity.

3. What do you understand by soil pollution? 

Soil pollution is defined as, the contamination of soil by human and natural activities which may cause harmful effects on living beings.

4.What are the causes of noise pollution. .

Causes of Noise pollutions:
1) Noise pollution affects human health, comfort and efficiency. It causes contraction of blood vessels, makes skin page, leads in excessive scretion of adrenalin hormone into blood stream which is responsible for high blood pressure.

2) It causes muscles to contract leading to nervous breakdown, tension etc.

3) Recently it has been reported that blood is also thickend by excessive noises.

5.List the causes of deforestation.
Causes of Deforestation: .
1) Development projects.
2) Mining operations.
3) Raw materials for industries.
4) Fuel requirements.
5) Shifting cultivation.
6) Forest fires.

6.List the advantages and disadvantages of the hydel power.

7.Define urbanization.

Urbanization is the movement of humán population from rural areas to urban areas for the want of better education,communication, health, employment.

8.How can global warming be controlled?

Control of Global Warming: ‚
1) CO2 emission can be cut by reducing the use of fossil fels.
2) Implement energy conservation. measures.
3) Plant more trees.
4) Stabilize population growth.
5) Adopt sustainable agriculture.

9. What is population explosion?

The enormous increase in population, due to low death rate (mortaling) and high birth rate (Natating) , is termed as population explotion. The human population is not increasing at a  uniform rate in all parts of the world.

10.What are HIV and AIDS?

AIDs is the abbreviated form for Accquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immuno deficiency virus). Many Myths have been spread about AIDS and it is very important for eveiyone to know facts about HIV and AIDS.

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