Basic Civil and Mechanical - (BCM) - Layout and Circuit Diagram Collection

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  • Coal and Ash circuit.
  • Air and flow gas circuit.
  • Water and Stream circuit.
  • Cooling water Circuit.
  • Energy Conversion in Stream/Thermal Power Plant.
  • Layout of Stream Power Plant.
  • Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Circuit.
  • Closed Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Circuit.
  • Layout of Gas Turbine Power Plant.
  • Layout of Hydro - Electric or Hydel Power Plant.
  • Layout of Diesel Power Plant.
  • Principle of Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Layout of Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Principle of Impulse Turbine.
  • De-Laval Impulse Turbine.
  • Reaction Turbine.
  • Parson's Turbine.
  • Single Acting Reciprocating Pump.
  • Double Acting Reciprocating Pump.
  • Centrifugal Pump Diagram. 

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