Electronic Device and Circuits - (EDC) - Lecture Videos - ( 1 to 20 )

Lecture - 1 Introduction to Basic Electronics

Lecture - 2 Electronic Devices 1

Lecture - 3 Electronics Devices

Lecture - 4 Some Useful Laws in Basic Electronics

Lecture - 5 Some Useful Theorems in Basic Electronics

Lecture - 6 Semi Conductor Diodes

Lecture - 7 Application of Diodes

Lecture - 10 Transistors

Lecture - 11 Transistor Biasing

Lecture - 12 Transistor Biasing

Lecture - 13 Basic Characteristic of an Amplifer

Lecture - 14 Hybrid Equivalent Circuit, H-Parameters

Lecture - 15 Circuit Analysis using H-Parameters

Lecture - 16 Frequency Response of Amplifiers

Lecture - 17 Frequency Analysis

Lecture - 18 Power Amplifiers

Lecture - 19 Differential Amplifiers CKT

Lecture - 20 Integrated Chip


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