Anna University - WEB TECHNOLOGY - Two Marks Question Bank

WEB TECHNOLOGY Two Marks Question Bank 


1. What is the difference between node and host?
2. What is the purpose of routers?
3. Define protocol.
4. Why are the protocols layered?
5. Define encapsulation.
6. Define port.
7. What do you mean by well-known ports?
8. What is meant by Name Resolution?
9. Define protocol tunneling.
10. Define URI, URL, URN.
11. What are the components of HTTP URL?
12. Define URL encoding.
13. What are the issues of next generation IP?
14. What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
15. What does ICMP provide?
16. Define IGMP.
17. List the goals of SGML.
18. What is the role of server?
19. What are the necessities of using HTML forms?
20. What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server?
21. Define MIME.
22. List the predefined MIME content types.
23. Define HTML.
24. What is meant by loop back address?
25. Define CGI -Common Gateway Interface.
26. Write a note on Internet Information Server (IIS).
27. What are ISAPI (Internet Server API) and NSAPI (Netscape Server API)
28. What is API -Application Program Interface?
29. What do you understand about DOCTYPE in HTML?
30.How Cell Padding is differ from Cell Spacing?
31.How you define index document?
32. How you define HEAD in HTML?
33. How to link the Images with in HTML?
34. How you define href,target and name Attributes?
35. What are the Hyperlink,Anchors and Link in the HTML?
36. What are the Deprecated Tags and Attributes?
37. How you define HTML Style Attribute in HTML
38. What do you understand about DOCTYPE in HTML?
39. How Cell Padding is differ from Cell Spacing
40. HTML is case sensitive or not?
41. How you understand about Forms output?
42. How you use Form's Action. Attribute and Submit Button in HTML?
43. How we define Src Attribute and Alt Attribute in HTML?
44. How to use Line Break and Horizontal Line tags in HTML?
45. Discuss about the client/server strategies in Internet. 
46. What is FTP? Describe about it.
47. Write short notes on scripting languages.
a) VBscript b) JavaScript
48. Explain about lttablegt & ltframegt tags in detail. 
49. Explain about Internet servers. 
50. Explain the elements of WWW. 
51. Explain POP3 protocol in detail. 
52.Briefly explain the operational scenario of SMTP protocol.
53. Explain applet life cycle in detail. 
54. Explain HTML forms in detail along with form elements, attributes & methods.


1. What are Style Sheets?
2. List down the ways of including style information in a document. Define cascading.
3. What are the style precedence rules when using multiple approaches?
4. Give the syntax to specify a characteristic in linked style sheet.
5. List down font characteristics permitted in style sheets.
6. Write a note on content positioning characteristic "Visibility".
7. Write a way by which you can do something on the close of the window ?
8. How to create an Object in JavaScript ?
9. What is the result of below given line of code in Java Script? 5+4+'7
10. What is undefined value means in JavaScript?
11. Which method is used to Clear an array using JavaSctipt?
12. What will be the Output of the following using JavaScript document.Write(Math.Round(6.7));
13. Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript keyword?
14. What should appear at the very end of your JavaScript? The <script
15. For generating random numbers we have to used the following function?
16. What does is Nan function do?
17. What Boolean operators are not supported by JavaScript?
18. How to create an Object in JavaScript ?
19. How to get value from RadioButtonList control?
20. How to toggle display an HTML element?
21. Mention the rules of well-formed XML. 
22. What is DTD? Explain it with example. 
23. Explain about CSS. 
24. Write short notes on ASP. 
25. Write short notes on JSP. 
26. Explain about plug-ins.

1. What is the DOM?
2. What is the HTML DOM?
3. What is the XML DOM?
4. What is the XMLHttpRequest Object?
5. What is XSL-FO?
6. What is XSL-FO Documents? Explain XSL-FO Documents structure.
7. What is XSL-FO Processors?
8. What is DOM?
9. What is an XML encoding error?
10. What are XML indexes and secondary XML indexes?
11. Explain XML Attributes with an example.
12. XML Elements vs. Attributes.
13. What are the problems with using XML attributes?
14. What is XSLT?

1. What are the roles of XSLT?
2. What is XSLT? Explain its relationships with XSL.
3. What is XSLT stylesheet?
4. Discuss the role of XPATH.
5. Explain the XSLT data model.
6. Why the need for XHTML?
7. Explain the XHTML syntax rules.
8. What is the XMLHttpRequest Object?
9. Explain common XMLHttpRequest Object Properties. i.e. onreadystatechange, readyState, responseText, responseXML, status, statusText.
10. Explain common XMLHttpRequest Object Methods.
11. What is RSS? Explain the purpose RSS?
12. Explain how RSS Works with an example.
13. Describe the steps to get your RSS file up on the web.
14. Explain RSS Element.
15. Explain child elements of <channel>.
16. Why syndicate your headlines with RSS?
17. Explain the Relation between RSS and XML?
18. Describe how to create an RSS file.
19. Benefits to RSS
20. Why Create RSS?
21. RSS more effective than Email. Comment
22. Explain how to use RSS as an autoresponder with RSS Autopublisher.
23. What is the difference between news aggregators and feed readers?
24. What Is Atom in RSS?
25. An example of RSS document with explanation.


1. What is SOAP?
2. What is WSDL?
3. What is a Web service?
4. What is UDDI?
5. Does the W3C support any Web service standards?
6. What is new about Web services?
7. What is the Web service protocol stack?
8. What is XML-RPC?
9. What is the Secure Transaction Platform?
10. What are Web services?
11. Why do Web services need enhanced security?
12. What are Foundation Security Services?
13. What is the Entrust Identification Service?
14. What is the Entrust Entitlements Service?
15. What is the Entrust Verification Service?
16. What is the Entrust Privacy Service?
17. Is the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform a PKI?
18. What standards does the Secure Transaction Platform conform to?
19. Will the Secure Transaction Platform work with my existing Entrust products?
20. What application servers and platforms does the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform Support?
21. What gateways does the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform support?


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