Numerical Methods - Solution of equations & Eigen value problems

Introduction :

  • Numerical Methods play an indispensible role in solving
    real life Mathematical, physical & Engg. Problems. Sometimes, the analytical method fails or unable to give desirable solutions to such problems. In such cases, we go for numerical methods.
  • The  aim  of  numerical  analysis  is  therefore,  to  provide constructive methods for obtaining approximate answers to such problems, using only simple arithmetic operations.
  • The advent of digital computers has, however, enhanced the speed and accuracy of numerical computations.
  • Solution of equations & Eigen value problems

  • In this chapter, we find: learn some method(s) to
  • The root of an algebraic & transcendental equation f(x) = 0
  • The solution of linear simultaneous system of equations
  • Inverse of a matrix
  • Eigen value of a matrix.
  • Download:

    nm_unit1.pdf (113Kb)


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