Anna University - Affiliated Colleges University Examinations April/May/June 2012 Timetable UG(PartTime) Programmes

Anna University

Affiliated Colleges University Examinations May/June 2012 Timetable UG(PartTime) Programmes

Anna University, Chennai 2009 Batch and all AUTs-2011 Batch(R2009)  

Anna University, Chennai (R2005)  

Anna University, Chennai (R2002)  

Anna University of Technology, Chennai 2010 Batch (R2010)  

University Departments of Anna University of Technology, Madurai 2010 Batch (R2010)  

Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli 2007 Batch (R2007)  

University Departments of Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli 2009,2010 Batches (R2009)  

University Departments of Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli 2007,2008 Batches (R2007)  

University Departments of Anna University of Technology, Trichy 2007,2008 Batches (R2007)  

Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore 2008,2009 Batches (R2008)  

University Departments of Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore 2007,2008,2009,2010 Batches (R2007,R2009,R2010)  


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