Applied Hydraulic Engineering–16 marks (Part B)– Question Bank

Anna University

Department of Civil Engineering

Subject Name: Applied Hydraulic Engineering

Subject Code: CE2253

Year / Sem : 2rd Yr / 4th Sem

Important 16marks (Part B) Questions

1. Write the classification of flow and explain it?

2. A trapezoidal channel with a side slope of 1:1 has to design to carry 10 cubic meter /sec at the velocity of 2m/sec. so that the amount of concrete lining for the bed and to the side is minimum .calculate the area of lining for 1m length.

3. A rectangular channel has a width of 2m and carries a discharge of 4.8 cubic meter/sec with a depth of 1.6 m .At a certain section a small hump with a flat top and of height 0.1m is proposed to be built. Calculate the likely change in water surface neglect the energy loss.

4. Design a earthen channel with velocity of flow 1m/s and discharge 2 m3/s having side slope 2H to 1V for the most economical section take C as 55.

5.Find the discharge through a circular pipe of diameter 3m if the depth of water in the pipe is 1m and the pipe is laid at a slope of 1 in 1000 .Take the value C =70.

6. Derive the most economical section for discharge: 7. Derive the most economical section for velocity:

8. Draw the specific curve, regimes of flow and explain it :

9. For a constant specific energy of 1.8 m calculate the maximum discharge that may occur in a rectangular channel of 5m wide.

10. Water flows at the rate of 16 cumec in a channel 10 m wide at a velocity of 1.6 m/sec. Calculate the specific energy head. Find also the critical depth, Critical velocity , and the minimum value of specific energy head corresponding to this discharge in the channel.

11. Expain and derive the channel with a hump with a neat sketch:

12. A trapezoidal channel has to be excavated through hard clay at least cost . Determine the dimension of the channel the discharge is equal to 10 cumec and bed slope as 1 in 5000 and mannings N= 0.012 side slope 3Hto 2V.

13. Expain the classification of flow profile?

14.A trapezoidal channel has a wet width of 4m and bed slope 0.0004 and side slope 1H to 2V and roughness coefficient 0.02 the normal depth of flow is 2m and critical depth is 0.69 m. Calculate the gradually varying flow profile up to a depth of 2m by direct step method.

15.Explain Pelton wheel turbine with neat sketch?

16.Expalin radial flow turbine with neat sketch.?

17.A pelton wheel is to be designed for a head of 60m when running at 200 rpm .The pelton wheel develops 95.6475 KW shaft power .The velocity of buckets is 0.45 times the velocity of jet, Over all efficiency is 0.85 and co efficient of velocity is equal to 0.98. 18.Determine the length of backwater curve caused by an affux of 2m in a rectangular channel of width 40 m and depth 2.5m .The side slope of the bed is given as 1 in 11000 take N=0.03.

19.Explain in detail about backwater curve with neat sketch?

20.Explain about direct step method and graphical method with an example?

21.Expalin indicator diagram and air vessels ?

22.Explain about centrifugal pump with neat sketch?

23.Explian about single acting reciprocating pump and double acting reciprocating pump with neat sketch?

24.A centrifugal pump has the following dimensions inlet radius = 80mm, outlet radius =160mm, 1 = 0.45 radians and 2 =0.25 radians N =90 rad/sec .


(i) Discharge

(ii) Head developed

25.The cylinder bore diameter of a single acting reciprocating pump is 150 mm and its stroke is 300mm .The pump runs at 50 rpm and lifts water through a height of 25 m .The delivery pipe is 22 m long and 100 mm in diameter .Find the theoretical discharge and the theoretical power required to run the pump . If the actual discharge is 4.2 lit/sec .Find the percentage slip . Also determine the acceleration head at the beginning and middle of the delivery stroke

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