Anna University of Technology Chennai is now changed to Anna University Chennai

Anna University of Technology is to be Closed From May 2012.

The current batch 2010 – 2014 is the first n last batch of Anna University of Technology Chennai.

The Students from Anna University of Technology Who Admitted In The Year 2010 Will Come Under The Control Anna University,Chennai from March 2012.

Government of Tamil Nadu had Announced The Merging Of Current 2010-2014 Batch With Anna University,Chennai.

Anna University Chennai Is Going To Taking Charge To Conduct April/May 2012 Examination For Present Second Year(4th Semester)

The New Register Number From Anna University,Chennai Will Be allotted To Each And Every Students Who Doing Their Current Fourth Semester Under Anna University Of Technology,Chennai .

The 11 Digit Register Number Will Be Given To Students Instead Of Your Present 7 Digit Register Number , Kindly Contact College Official People For The New Register Number.

Mark Sheets For Each semester(previous Semester 1-3) Likely To Be Issued From Anna University,Chennai

Subject Codes also to Be Changed.

Now  You Can Easily Remember Your Register Number Because It Composed Of (Three digit college code|year of joining|Department Code|Actual Number) -

Example : "123|10|105|001"

Anna university April/May 2012 Examination Will starts for 03.05.2012 for fourth semester BE/BTECH students who Admitted in 2010

The official news we received is the practical exam slots is from April 15 – 25.

So Schedule For April/May 2012 Examination Will Be Announced By Anna University,Chennai Along With Current 6th,8th Semester(Actually AU,CHENNAI)

So Results, Academic Schedules,Time Table etc Except Upcoming nov/dec 2011 Review Procedures cum results Will Be Take Care Of Anna university,Chennai

The Main Thing To Notice Is That Students Can Easily Identify The Subject With Subject Codes (Instead of "141302" ==> EE2236) , In Addition With Each Semesters.

The current REVALUATION RESULTS of Anna University of technology paper evaluation is not stratified nearly 95% of students, Hope future Anna University Chennai will evaluate the paper properly.

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