WEB TECHNOLOGY Question Bank–2012 Edition (All Units)

Anna University







1. Define IP Addressing

2. What is Computer Network?

3. What is Domain Name Space?

4. Define WWW

5. What is Client-Server Communication?

6. List out the various web browsers that are commonly used.

7. Write the basic structure of HTTP Request and Response Message Structure

8. Sketch the Web Browser and Server Communication

9. Write the Structure of HTML.

10. List out the version of HTML.

11. Write the types of XHTML DTD.

12. Write the difference between XHTML and HTML

13. Write the basic document structure of XHTML.

14. What is HTML?

15. List the HTTP Method

16. List out some of Basic Internet Protocols.


1. How does the internet work, brief with a sample application.

2. Explain in detail about HTTP Request and Response.

3. Describe in detail about HTML with an example.

4. Write an XHTML program to view student marks

5. Discuss in detail about XHTML with an example.

6. Write an HTML program for user registration form



1. What is CSS?

2. List out the rules for writing CSS.

3. Define Cascading

4. Write the various approaches of CSS.

5. List out the properties of CSS.

6. Write the difference between Linked and Embedded Style Sheet.

7. Define Java Script.

8. How to declaring the variable in Java Script?.

9. Write the syntax for Java Script.

10. Differentiate between Java and JavaScript.

11. Write the origin of Java Script.

12. What do you mean by Event-Driven Computation?

13. Write the difference between Primitive and Object Data Type.

14. What is Implicit Type Conversion?

15. List out some of Screen output keyboard input.

16. Write the types of Popup Boxes.

17. List out the Standard Objects in Java Script.


1. Explain the concept of CSS and its uses with an example.

2. Explain the following

a. Write a Java Script program to find largest among 5 numbers.

b. Write a Java Script program to create Popup box, alert and confirm box.

3. Discuss in detail about Java Script.

4. Write short notes on the following a. Operators in Java Script

b. Variable and Data type.

5. Explain the following

a. Write a Java Script program to print the numbers from 0 to 50. b. Write a Java Script program to create table.

6. Explain in detail about Array with an example of Positive and negative numbers.

7. Write a Java Script program to create user registration form.



1. What is DOM?

2. Write the history of DOM.

3. List out the levels of DOM.

4. List out the some of basic terminologies used in DOM tree.

5. How to access the element in Java Script?

6. Write the difference between Event and Event Handling.

7. How to create text box and button in DOM?

8. Write the few of events and tags in DOM.

9. List out the phases of DOM2.

10. Define Event Propagation.

11. What is Event Handler Registration?

12. Differentiate between Applets and Servlets.

13. Write the uses of Servlets.

14. How Servlet Works?

15. How to execute Servlet?

16. Write the Life Cycle of Servlet.

17. List out the Servlet API.

18. Difference between HTTP-GET and POST requests.

19. What is Cookies and its uses?

20. Define JDBC.

21. How JDBC work?

22. Sketch Role of JDBC.

23. List out the components of JDBC architecture.


1. Explain in detail about DOM.

2. Write short notes on the following a. Events, Attributes and Tags b. DOM2 event model.

3. Describe in detail about Servlet.

4. Explain the following

a. Write short notes on JDBC .

b. Write a servlet program to display the message by using Cookies.

5. Explain in detail about Servlet Database Connectivity with an example of Student database.

6. Describe in detail about HTTP-GET and POST requests.

7. Discuss the following

a. Write a servlet for creating Student Entry form. b. Write a servlet for creating Department details.



1. Define XML.

2. Write the use of XML.

3. Write the rules for writing XML.

4. List out the versions of XML

5. What is Namespaces?

6. Define DTD.

7. Write the Merits and Demerits of DTD.

8. How AJAX works?

9. Define XML DOM.

10. How to create node tree in hierarchical representation of XML.

11. Differentiate between DOM and SAX.

12. List out the parts of XSL.

13. Sketch processing of XSLT document.

14. How to create XSL Style sheet?

15. Define JSP.

16. Write the Anatomy of JSP Page.

17. Write the Working of JSP;

18. What is JSTL?.

19. List out the core tag in JSTL.

20. What are all the steps involved in JSP-MS access Connectivity?

21. Define Session Tracking.

22. Write the various scope bean and JSP.


1. Explain in detail about XML with an example.

2. Describe in detail about XML DOM with an example of Students details.

3. Write short notes on the following a. DOM and SAX

b. DOM based XML processing.

4. Explain in detail about JSP with an example of currents date and simple message.

5. Discuss in detail about Action elements in JSP with an example of display current time and color.

6. Describe in detail about JSTL with an example of print natural numbers from 1 to 100.

7. Write short notes on Script lets with an example of check the given value is odd or even.

8. Explain about JSP-MS Access Connectivity with an examples of Employee Entry form.



1. What is Web Services with example?

2. How to installing JWSDP?

3. How to writing the We4b-Service?

4. What is WSDL?

5. List out the elements in WSDL.

6. How to representing data types in XML schema.

7. How to write Simple Schema?

8. Write some of the Advantage and disadvantage of Schema.

9. List out data types that are available in Web-Service.

10. Define Complex types.

11. Write the steps for Empty Element.

12. Sketch the Structure of SOAP.

13. What is SOAP?

14. How to storing Java Objects as Files?

15. Differentiate between SOAP and HTTP.

16. What is Indicators?

17. List out the types of Indicators.


1. Write short notes on the following a. JAX-RPC concepts.

b. Steps for creating the Web-Services.

2. Explain in detail about writing the Web-Service and Java Web Service Client.

3. Describing Web-Services in WSDL with an example.

4. Discuss in detail bout XML Schema with an example.

5. Explain in detail about Data Types in Web-Services.

6. Write short notes on Complex types in Web-Services.

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