Anna university–Affiliated Colleges–April / May 2012 EXAMINATIONS NOTIFICATION

Anna University


April / May 2012 University examinations for all the candidates of Affiliated college of Anna University Chennai and all the candidates of Affiliated Colleges / Constituent Colleges / University Departments / Colleges coming under Anna Universities of Technology Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli for all U.G. and P.G. Courses are scheduled to commence as detailed below:

Practical Examinations : 16.04.2012

Theory Examinations : 03.05.2012

Detailed Time‐table for Theory Examinations will be published in the University web‐site and will be sent to the Colleges in due course. As far as Practical Examinations are concerned, candidates are instructed to keep in touch with the Principals of the respective Colleges for the exact schedule and slots.

Candidates presently undergoing the course in the College and those who have completed the course but having arrears are informed to get the examinations application from the college concerned. Applications will be available with the respective colleges. All candidates should submit the applications only through the Principal of the respective colleges with necessary fee. No application should be sent directly to the Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025.

Candidates registered for Ph.D. Degree and undergoing coursework along with Regular M.E./M.Tech./MBA/MCA students may forward the examination applications through their Supervisors / Guide and Principal of the college with the prescribed fee.

Last date for submission of application to the Principal of the respective colleges by the candidates has already been informed to the Principals.

Applications received after the said date will not be entertained.

Kind attention is invited to the reference cited, wherein the schedule for the

April/May 2012 Examinations for all Theory and Practical examinations was communicated. In this connection, following clarifications are issued for your information and necessary action:‐

1. B.E./B.Tech. GS2165 Physics Chemistry Lab:

a. The II Semester B.E. Lab course ‘GS2165 – Physics & Chemistry Lab ‐ II’ for the candidates admitted in 2011 – 2012 under R 2008 Regulation is renamed as ‘GS2165 – Physics & Chemistry Lab’.

b. Duration of the said practical examinations is totally 4 hours and this has to be divided into 2 hours for Physics lab and 2 hours for Chemistry lab.

c. Allocation of marks for Physics & Chemistry is 50 marks each. However, only one OMR sheet will be sent by the University for recordings of marks of Physics & Chemistry put together for 100 marks by the examiners. Therefore, the sum of Physics & Chemistry examination marks may be entered in the OMR sheet and signed by all the examiners.

d. The internal and external examiners may be paid full remuneration for Physics and Chemistry separately eventhough the duration of the examination is 2 hours each.

2. UG/PG Practical Examinations:

Normally two sessions per day are to be conducted for all the practical

examinations. Three sessions per day is also permitted subject to the availability of the examiners and laboratory facility in exceptional cases except for Physics & Chemistry Lab. Maximum students per batch to be examined is 35. Only two batches are permitted per examiner per day. Based on the availability of examiners and laboratory facilities, additional number of parallel batches are permitted.

3. UG/PG Final Semester Project Viva Voce Examinations:

UG/PG students admitted under Anna Universities of Technology, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli in 2010 2011 and prior have to prepare and submit their final semester project only according to the Regulations and guidelines issued by the respective Universities in this regard.

4. B.E. Marine Engineering:

B.E. Marine Engineering final semester Project Viva Voce shall be arranged on completion of 4 years from the date of admission to the course and not earlier. 6th Semester ‘Afloat Training’ examinations shall be arranged only after completion of the Training Programme.

5. MBA Regulation 2009 under Anna University Chennai:

The course BA9208 ‐ Seminar I, BA9229 ‐ Seminar II and BA9212 ‐ Seminar III of MBA are to be evaluated totally through Internal Assessment and there will be no University examinations for this course. Marks are to be furnished to the University along with the Internal Marks for other subjects. This is also applicable for all MBA students admitted in 2011 ‐ 2012 under Anna Universities of Technology, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli.


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